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  A Note to the Novice:  The Double Wing Offense we refer to on this site is a total "Offensive System" not to be confused with the other conventional offenses like the Wing-T or the Wishbone from a double wing formation you may have seen. This offense stands alone with it's own complete set of very different schemes, techniques, as well as a unique philosophy and approach to offensive football.  

                   THE DOUBLE WING, AND THE GUN WING

                                              A way to Compete and Win, Blue Collar Style

                                 DID YOU KNOW in 2004?  
                           Coach Harrison's Double Wing Offense was the most productive offense in All Classifications in the State of Georgia with over 5,000 yards in only 13 games! It's True! It's also true it was atop the following several years as well, averaging over 4,700 yards of offense in each of  those (12 game) seasons. Harrison's Double wing offenses have averaged over 35 points per game.    


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                     ( Videos of Tim Murphy's Clayton Valley HS in California running the Gun-Wing. CV was 15-0 when this posted )

** A Winning Football Team = School Spirit & Enthusiasm

DOUBLE WING???  GUN-WING???  Pick Your Poison

Coach Harrison on the Double Wing and Gun-Wing:  As a High School Head Coach, I averaged just under 390 yards per game with my Double Wing Offense. That is with teams that before me were having a hard time making a first down much less winning a game. There has been so much said and written about the "Double Wing Offense" in it's unorthodox approach (by today's standards), and I've probably read and heard them all! In it's beginning, A California Policeman turned football coach named Don Markham developed an offensive system, whether by accident or just in his own words that I seem to recall, "looking for a good power play", in the late 80's and early 90's. Coach Markham found himself coaching in the largest classification in California High Schools at Bloomington, where in 1994, Don took a 1993, 1-9 Bloomington team and in 1994, just 8 months later, went undefeated and set the national all time scoring record of 880 points in 14 games. 63 points per game I think it works out to be. However, that is not how I discovered it. I was working on my offense one day and on "goal-line" work, I noticed my team really responding to a tighter scheme and a harder nosed approach to our offense and so I thought, "hmmm", hey, Why not run goal-line all over the field. Later on I was looking around on the net one day at various things and tripped up on this double wing stuff. I made a phone call or two and grilled a few coaches and had them send me some info. After watching film and some clinic footage, I knew very quickly that this was going to be my offense being that it fit my football philosophy to the letter. After implementing it and running it in a game as a trial, I thought I may never run anything else and that happens to be the case. I then began really working and studying the particulars, and tweaking this thing to the point that many things are fairly unique to the way I run it. Thus due to some YouTube videos I've posted along with the success I've had, I find myself  as somewhat of a spokesperson or sounding board of sorts on this particular offense. So I have and will do clinics from time to time.

I had been a very successful coach with my old schemes but recognized that this new offense was going to boost my offense's reliability. Also, be very dependant on good and rigorous coaching, which was my gig anyway. I've always coached as if my hair was on fire, so this hit right in my wheelhouse. This offense, coached up, squeezes the most out of your talent. The beauty of this Double wing offense or the "Gun Wing", is that it relies more on a total TEAM concept,  precision, desire, and hard work, than it does actual God given skills. But like anything, the more skills you have the better it will be. When you have a group that is low in skills, speed, or even experience, you can still be competitive in the double wing by it's low risk, hard nosed Team oriented design to keep the ball and move the chains and make the game shorter. What the Double Wing allows you to do is to replace the talent gap with hard nosed effort and execution to make up the difference. You can't do that in other offense of today spreading your talent thin and in space. The better players will beat up on the lesser talented kid in space every time. So many times my opponents over the years have had very explosive teams with great speed and talent and we just kept the ball with 8 to 10 minute drives, limiting their opportunities to exploit our weaknesses while on Defense. This is the essence of the Double wing. The bonuses are that you DO produce big plays and score BIG as a trade off for maybe looking a little odd all bunched up, when everyone else in the league is spread all over the field. This offense is for those who puts winning above fashion and popularity of the "Television football educated". My relentless desire to win has always been what governs my decisions as a coach, and not the flavor of the month or trend offenses of the entertainment world. For me, the double wing or "Gun Wing" is more intriguing and interesting than those offenses anyway!

With all that is different about my offense, and with the coaches that will have nothing to do with it, the one group that I find that takes my offense VERY seriously are the coaches facing it, or that have faced it. The one thing I know for sure after running this for over a decade, is that coaches hate playing it, and defenses hate playing it, and what better confirmation than that do you need as a coach. No matter what the outcome, when a team leaves the field after playing my double wing, they usually know they have had enough, are beat up, know they have been in a war, and probably rather not do it again.

After years of running and tweaking the DW, I have implemented something I'd been contemplating since 2005, when my starting QB broke his arm. That would be the direct snap Double Wing. I have discovered that it gives you a few different options in some areas, and if coached up, can be almost as powerful as the the regular DW. There is very little difference, but one huge bonus outside the X's and O's, is that with the direct snap, it appears to be similar to what you see on Saturdays and Sunday Television Football. It immediately knocks down 90% of the moronic criticism from the uneducated armchair coaches, parents, and players which all are headed to the NFL, don't ya know? So it's a win win in that way. I am now calling it the  GUN-WING to keep it simple. The Gun Wing though be it fantastic, does however have some drawbacks from the original Double Wing. It attacks a tad bit slower, and It takes some very trustworthy plays out of the play arsenal as it was once run, as well as not hiding the ball nearly as well. Those are the type of tradeoffs you have to make in going GUN WING. I have decided to stay under Center due to the drawbacks of the Gun Wing. I am not ready to give that defense the one second jump, and the visibility as well as some great plays. If I get a team really loaded with talent and numbers, I may consider Gun Wing but everywhere I've been hired has been to resurrect a struggling program, therefore I want the best situation for my kids regardless of the trends.  See contact page if you would like to order Double Wing CD's.

So in wrapping up this little blurb on The Double Wing and Gun-Wing Offense, I'll just say for those VERY FEW who have the nerve, the moxie, and the other stuff to pick up and run this "Wing Thing", I salute you and "I Understand", and to those who think it's simply not for you, to that I say, "I also Understand". This Thing is not for everyone, and definitely not for the lazy or the "try it and hope" coaches, but it takes someone who can think and operate with sound conviction in it's philosophy, and a really good football physics knowledge, to work it and to experience it's full value. It has certainly served me and my philosophy very well !

"PS": I've had to play the Double Wing a few times myself.......Not Fun, Not Fun at all. I'd rather have to defend anything else, quite honestly!  LH


When a team hasn't been successful in decades or ever, and suddenly starts winning and winning big, A lot of support starts coming out of the woodwork to volunteer their help in many ways, OH YES, and your football field starts to look like a Division 1 College Field! And the stands become filled like the picture below with standing room only around the field. Not to mention, it's just more fun!


Letter to the Headmaster:

I have to share a letter written to my Principal at NGA written by a relative of a player who happened to make our State Championship Game. These are the rewards outside of the ring that we never expect nor seek, but it's wonderful and quite rewarding when it happens and reassures us coaches that occasionally we may be doing something right.

Dear Jim, (Headmaster NGA),
The evening of Friday 11-19-2004 is an experience I will never forget and one that I will always cherish. It was a thrill and a pleasure to be on the sidelines with my family, old friends, new friends, and those determined Patriot football players.  I have had a career in orthopedic surgery in sports medicine that includes 35 years on the sidelines with teams under my care in Virginia and Dalton, GA. 32 of those years have involved being the Team Physician for the Dalton High Catamounts.  That allowed me to witness first hand, numerous exciting regular season games, playoff games, 2 trips to the GEORGIA DOME, and 4 state championship games with the Dalton Catamounts. This exposure has resulted in my taking care of  athletes from close to 25 high schools in Northwest and North Central Georgia. Some of these I treated after they made it to college teams and even to the NFL. During my training in orthopedic surgery at the U of Virginia, I had the opportunity to be the Team Physician for the Roanoke Buckskins in the Atlantic Coast Football League. I have played the game and know what it feels like to hurt someone, and get hurt, physically and emotionally.  The reason for the above diatribe is to express to you, Coach Larry Harrison and the Patriot Football Team,  the impression made on me during my visit to Rhodes Field.  I have never been more impressed with what I saw on and off the field of play. The team gave all they had and more, and no one who saw the game could think otherwise. The fan support was incredible. The community and surrounding area turned-out in  a manner that created a championship atmosphere.  Regardless of the final score, The Nat-Greene Patriots are Champions. Their opponent had the size and the numbers, but they did not have the heart of the gutsy team from the village of Siloam.  I have followed the Patriots all year via Coach Harrison’s website, The Herald-Journal and through calls from my family. I have bragged about the team to my Dalton friends, and after the championship game, I have bragged even more. The misty rain that fell throughout the game did not dampen the spirits of all those present, players and fans alike. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful event.
Congratulations to the Patriots for their fine season, and I look forward to your having additional exciting times.

With warmest regards,
C.H.E. , M.D.

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 Note: These are small clips of what is on the 5, 30-minute nnnhighlite discs available on this site...See Contact Page






Sept. 2014 *** I took a Friday night to visit some Double Wing friends in Ider, Alabama as they hosted the states #1 team, Fyffe. Ider High dresses 27 and Fyffe over 60 and Well, they ran into quite a buzz-saw and took a tough one on the chin. They will bounce back with the great leadership of Coach Tinker and Coach Hanna and the fine kids there. It was a very fine experience visiting another teams sideline in a place removed from my every day. Great, well mannered kids, being focused and introspective getting ready for the fight. Coaches poised and ready. I knew I was visiting a great small town event. Good luck with the rest of your season Coaches and thanks for the fabulous experience, well, other than the final score of course. We'll talk soon!

AND Bounce back they did with a night of rushing for over 375 yards. Great job men!!!   ***Several more huge offensive outings of 350+ yards rushing games have pushed Ider's record to 6-3 and guaranteed play-off spot. Not a bad leap from last years 1-9 season. "Keep up the great work guys"!


Here is Fyffe in red lining up in the Short snap Double Wing VS Ider, who ran my offense at the time, the Pure Double wing (under center). Very similar offenses. Fyffe is a perennial AA top finisher under the guidance of legendary Coach Paul Benefield.

12-05-2014  CONGRATULATIONS to the Fyffe Red Devils for winning their first (Alabama AA)State Championship in school history over a very athletic and talented Elba Team 28-17. Coach Benefield and the Devils run my offense, the Gun Wing, about as good as you can run it, and averaged 50+ points per game during the season.

12-26-2014  CONGRATULATIONS to Rensselaer Central High School Bombers for winning the (Indiana AA) State Championship. Though I'm not real familiar with Coach Meeks and the Bombers, I'm certainly familiar with their offense which is the Gun Wing. Congratulations Coach!

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The TWO MINUTE WARNING, an inspirational message, is brought to you periodically by Kim King, a life long friend of Coach Harrison who volunteers his services as the team chaplain. Good Stuff



                                                 2004 GISA Class"A" Coach of the Year

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Coach Harrison at Nathanael Greene Academy 2004 - 2006th


 Coach Harrison: This site started as a very small simple family site but with coaching, and incorporating my football, it quickly became a full blown Football site... I had visited and participated on many coaches and teams web sites and forums specific to what I do football wise, so my site morphed into this over the years. This site works well in keeping in touch with other coaches on all levels that do some of the things I do. I think the main thing that launched it into this football site is the learning and the teaching of the offense, and defense I run, and sharing experiences etc..

From the beginning of my coaching life, I've had certain very ingrained ideas about coaching and getting the most out of kids, and these ideas were developed from having very good youth and high school coaches having an impact on me. Having my own ideas pan out in very successful campaigns help to solidify my philosophy and the things I do. I have learned to live with the criticism of being a bit unorthodox, but believe me, everything I do in coaching is for a very good reason. Sometimes, it may not look exactly like the NFL but what I do, and what I think any good coach should do, is to give your kids the best possible chance to be successful. I'm not real concerned about how pretty it is, or if I'm preparing one individual for a career, or if I look like some big-time pro football coach. I'm concerned about the team and all the kids, as well as our representation of our parents and school. I am concerned about bringing success to our program and having the kids have fun playing football. If we have a standout athlete, he will stand out big-time. If we don't, the team hopefully will still stand out because of our preparation and competitiveness. 

This policy has never failed me or any other coach I've admired over the years. What I have learned is that with the right preparation, approach to this game, and a good communication with the kids themselves, you end up with kids playing over their abilities, having fun, and many kids standout, not just the one special kid, who is going to be good anyway!  LH



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Coach Harrison Joined Coach Mark Adams

Coach Harrison, after a rest from football, returned in 2014 to help Mark Adams at Druid Hills High School. After being prematurely vaulted into the storied 6-AAAAA region, arguably the most athletic region in the state, and not expecting to compete at that high level. The Druid Hills team came roaring out of the blocks, winning 4 out of their first 6 games, with 3 over heavy favorites and dropping one by only 3 points. This uncharacteristic winning streak earned Mark Adams, Georgia EMC Head Coach of the Week in week 5. Coach Harrison has moved on to his next coaching project but wanted to wish the very best for all the fine people of the Druid Hills Community. A truly beautiful historic school and area of Atlanta.

                                  This website is brought to you by the friends and associates of Larry Harrison  


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