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nn*** Well over a decade of coaching "The Double Wing Offense"

                                        A way to compete, Blue Collar Style


      THE DOUBLE WING and GUN-WING (MY OFFENSE) "It's not for everybody" 




There has been so much said and written about this unorthodox oddity of an offense, and I've probably read and heard them all! A Policeman turned football coach named Don Markham developed this thing whether by accident or just in his own words, "looking for a good power play", in the late 80's or early 90's. Coach Markham found himself coaching in the largest classification in California High Schools at Bloomington, where in 1994, Don took a 1993, 1-9 Bloomington team and in 1994 went undefeated and set the national all time scoring record of 880 points in 14 games. 63 points per game I think it works out to be. However that is not how I discovered it. I was working on my offense one day and on goal-line work noticed my team really responding to tighter splits and a harder nosed approach to our offense and so I thought, "hmmm", hey, Why not run goal-line all over the field. Then I was looking around on the net one day into different offensive packages and tripped up on this double wing stuff. I made a phone call or two and grilled a few coaches and had them send me some info. After watching film and some clinic footage, I knew very quickly that this was going to be my offense. After implementing it and running it in a game as a trial, I thought I may never run anything else and that happens to be the case. This offense squeezes the most out of your talent. I had been a very successful coach with my old ways and recognized that this new offense was going to help me, and be very dependant on good and rigorous coaching, which was my gig anyway. I've always coached as if my life depended on it, so this hit right in my wheelhouse. The beauty of this Double wing offense or the "Wing Thing", is that it relies more on precision and toughness that it does actual skills but like anything, the more skills you have the better it will be. When you have a group that is low in skills, speed, or even experience, you can still be competitive in the double wing by its design to keep the ball and move the chains and make the game shorter. What the Double Wing allows you to do is to replace the talent gap with hard nosed effort and execution to make up the difference. So many times my opponents over the years have had very explosive teams with great speed and talent and we just kept the ball with 8 to 10 minute drives, limiting their opportunities to exploit our weaknesses on Defense. This is the essence of the Double wing. The bonuses are that you do produce big plays and score a lot as a trade off for maybe looking a little odd all bunched up, when everyone else in the league is spread all over the field. This offense is for those who puts winning above fashion and popularity of the "Television football educated". My relentless desire to win has always been what governs my decisions as a coach, and not the flavor of the month hip offenses of the entertainment world. For me, the double wing is more COOL than any of those offenses anyway!

With all that is odd about my offense, and with all the Double Wing Ridiculers and Nay Sayers in the armchair football world, the one group that I find that takes my offense VERY seriously are the coaches facing it, or that have faced it. The one thing I know for sure after running this for over a decade, is that coaches hate playing it, and defenses hate playing it, and what better confirmation than that do you need as a coach. No matter what the outcome, when a team leaves the field after playing my double wing, they know they usually have had enough, are beat up, and know they have been in a war, and probably rather not do it again.

So in wrapping up this little blurb on The Double Wing Offense, I'll just say for those VERY FEW who have the nerve, and the moxy, and the other stuff to pick up and run this "Wing Thing", I salute you and "I Understand", and to those who think it's goofy, odd, and won't work, to that I say, "I also Understand". This Thing is not for every one and definitely not for the lazy, for it takes someone who can think and operate with sound conviction and football knowledge to take in it's value, but I'm glad I'm one of the few that get it.

"PS": I've had to play it a few times myself.......Not Fun, Not Fun at all. I'd rather have to defend anything else, quite honestly!

After being in a position to do some experimenting, I implemented something I'd been contemplating since 2005, when my starting QB broke his arm. That would be the direct snap Double Wing. I have discovered that it gives you a few more creativity options and series, and if coached up, can be as or more devastating as the regular DW. There is very little difference but one huge bonus outside the X and O pluses, is that with the direct snap, it appears to be similar to what you see on Saturdays and Sunday Television football. It immediately knocks down 90% of the moronic criticism from the uneducated armchair coaches, parents, and players which all are headed to the NFL. So it's a win win all the way. My next coaching venture will be out of the gun-wing. Some may call it "Pistol" but in actuality, it is the Double Wing Offense from a direct snap. I will call it the GUN-WING to keep it simple. I know of 2 coaches that run it this way, both presently are  8-0 undefeated on the season. So I hope to have some great footage of this offense next year to go with the previous Double Wing video.  See contact page if you would like to order Double Wing CD's.




            A FEW HIGHLIGHTS

 Note: These are small clips of what is on the five, 30 minute nnhighlites discs  ...available on this site...See Contact Page






*** I took a Friday night to visit some Double Wing friends in Ider, Alabama as they hosted the states #1 team, Fyffe. Ider High dresses 27 and Fyffe over 60 and Well, they ran into a buzz saw and took a tough one on the chin. They will bounce back with the great leadership of Coach Tinker and Coach Hanna and the fine kids there. It was a very fine experience visiting another teams sideline in a place removed from my every day. Great well mannered kids being focused and introspective getting ready for the fight. coaches poised and ready. I knew I was visiting a great small town event. Good luck with the rest of your season Coaches and thanks for the fabulous experience, well, other than the final score of course. We'll talk soon!

AND Bounce back they did with a night of rushing for over 375 yards. Great job men!!!

Several more huge offensive outings of 350+ yards rushing games have pushed Ider's record to 6-3 and guaranteed play-off spot. Not a bad leap from last years 1-9 season. "Keep up the great work guys"!


Here is Fyffe in red lining up in the Short snap Double Wing VS Ider, who runs my offense the Pure Double wing. Very similar offenses. Guess how many passes were thrown in this game????? 0 unless I missed one! Guess they may have a lot of splaining to do being 2014 and all. I'm guessing that both coaches prefer results over fashion.



A few small segments of the Highlights of Harrison's teams are on this site as well as YouTube. Search Coach Harrison's Double Wing and some should pop up. There are well over 2 and 1/2 hours of action only highlights available on DVD on this site, but only a few small bits are on YouTube.





Will resume at the next coaching project.

The TWO MINUTE WARNING, an inspirational message, is brought to you periodically by Kim King, a life long friend of Coach Harrison who volunteers his services as the team chaplain. Good Stuff




                         2004 GISA Class"A" Coach of the Year

Coach Harrison has done clinics from Arizona to Canada, to Georgia and several in between for coaching staffs and or entire teams. If you would be interested in having Coach Harrison clinic your squad on the double Wing Offense, please see Contact Page for more...


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Coach Harrison at Nathanael Greene Academy 2004 - 2006th


This site started as a very small simple family site but with coaching, and incorporating my football, it quickly became a full blown My Football site... I had noticed that many coaches and teams had a site and the various football coaching sites so, hey, I figured I may as well get one too. So, this site works well in keeping in touch with other coaches on all levels that do some of the things I do. I think the main thing that launched it into this football site is the learning and the teaching of the offense, and defense I run. From the beginning of my coaching life, I've had certain very ingrained ideas about coaching and getting the most out of kids, and these ideas were developed from having very good youth and high school coaches and later having my ideas pan out in very successful campaigns. I have learned to live with the criticism of being a bit unorthodox, but believe me, everything I do coaching  is for a very good reason. No, it may not look exactly like the NFL but what I do, and what I think any good coach should do, is to give your kids the best possible chance to be successful. I'm not real concerned about how pretty it is, or if I'm preparing one individual for a career or if I look like some big-time pro football coach. I'm concerned about the team and all the kids as well as our representation of our parents and school. I am concerned about bringing success to our program and having the kids have fun playing football. If we have a standout athlete, he will stand out. If we don't, the team hopefully will still stand out because of our preparation. This policy has never failed me or any other coach I've admired over the years. What I have learned is that with the right preparation and approach to this game and a good communication with the kids themselves, you end up with kids playing hard, having fun, and many standout kids not just the one special kid, that is going to be good anyway!  LH


Coach Harrison Joins Coach Mark Adams

Coach Harrison and Coach Mark Adams met, and coached together at Lakeside High School in DeKalb in 2003, where they developed a good friendship and mutual respect for each other's coaching skills and knowledge. As both went to other coaching opportunities after that, Both always had in the back of their minds that if they would ever hook up somewhere down the road, that they may have a really good coaching situation on their hands. Harrison and Adams share very similar coaching philosophies and love for instructing kids in very positive motivational methods.  The history of Druid Hills Football has been very bleak in the best of times barely ever eking out over a game or two per season, but of course Harrison and Adams have a far different plan from that scenario.  Adams took over the head coaching position last year and got the program moving in the right direction. With the new and brutal region we're in, pitting us with AAAAA state champs Creekside, MLK, Stephenson, Chamblee, Dunwoody, Miller Grove and Southwest DeKalb, "We knew we would have to hit the hyper-jets and hit a completely different gear to compete at this level". Without going into any detail let's just say, It didn't work out like we planned. A tremendous learning experience for me and for that I am grateful. The things I knew before going into this project are even more valid and solidified. Thank you to everyone involved!


It's a "Wing Thing"

Coach Harrison will be referring to his offense as "The Wing Thing"

  Head Coach of Druid Hills, Coach Mark Adams (a blood member of the Adams Family) made a statement that "the Double Wing's The Thing". So that hit me and since there is so much confusion about The Double Wing Offense and the Double Wing Formation (which many run out of), I have adopted the term for my offense thanks to Coach Adams and the Adams Family as "The Wing Thing" which could possibly catch on. I think it is appropriate and fitting to a very misunderstood offense, and it's relationship to a formation. So if any of my colleagues', double Wing Coaches, and friends out there want to start calling the Double Wing Offense by its new name, "the Wing Thing" Go right ahead and you will have some distinction that the Double Wing Offense deserves.





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