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 Hello football Fans, Double Wing Fans, and soon to be Double Wing / Gun Wing fans! and thank you for visiting my web site. Most of this site is focused on the offense I run and the coaching successes Iíve had with this amazing offensive system. The successes are a result of working hard and smart, in a NEW FOOTBALL SCIENCE and philosophy of offensive football.  More times than not, I've found "It's not what you have, but what you do with what you have that makes all the difference".
    2 Gun-Wing teams clash in 3rd Round Alabama AA Play-offs. Two Undefeated Gun-Wing Teams, Fiffe and  Ohatchee, went at it Friday night in 3rd Round AA Action.         They maybe the only 2 teams running this offense in state in their classification. Draw your own conclusions.

   The Double Wing / Gun-Wing Offense is the most mis-understood and misdiagnosed scheme in all of football. It can be however, an equalizer of sorts, that is, if coached up and run correctly with the right Double Wing knowledge in place. This Double Wing / Gun Wing is a new offensive science and philosophy for lack of a better description. With decent talent, you can many times, dominate your equals.  You can take on better talent, speed and size, and force it to play your game on your terms. This is something other offenses may claim to be able to do, and what I've learned is that most offenses, especially today, try to gain advantages by match-ups and getting their best players in space to take advantage of the lesser athletic team's talent and speed. Well that is a great plan if you have the better faster players, but what that does, if you aren't the most gifted team, is leave your talent vulnerable and on islands where the better talent can abuse and take advantage of the lesser. The Double wing creates a different kind of space (environment if you will) that utilizes the entire width and length of the field which will probably require some explaining when viewing the Double Wing's tiny footprint on the almost acre that is a football field. I digress...

 How many times have you seen a team getting beat by a talented team, and the coach of the lesser team keeps trying for the miracle come back throwing the ball profusely, trying to get his athletes in space, and they end up getting their heads beat in 60-0 or worse with a running clock. It's possibly because the coach doesn't have a plan that is working within his player's capabilities, and therefore putting his players in terribly mismatched situations. Yes, that other team is better, but by spreading his talent, passing more and stopping the clock, throwing interceptions, and making no first downs, it's giving the better team more offensive series, and feeding more and more opportunity for the better team to beat them up with. You see it hundreds of times every Friday night across the country as coaches line up and go through all the motions trying to do what the Colleges and Pros are doing on Saturdays and Sundays, with the latest offensive trends but only one difference, Numbers of gifted talented players that are selected and recruited etc!!! Even then it comes down to the best athletes winning!  Where I've coached, and most of us have to coach, you have to play with what comes out for football at your school and you may not have the receivers, a true passer, great running backs, that option quarterback, or prototype linemen to take on teams with plenty of them.  Well, You ain't  gunna match up in those cases. It's logic for starters, and plain common sense after that. (That sounded like a Yogi)

Now these inequalities exist in the small and larger schools as well.  What I also see on Friday nights are teams that lose by 10 to 20 points that I feel like were good enough to win with the right scheme and coaching. I see coaching schemes that cost teams games by the hundreds because the players aren't suited for a particular scheme, but have good enough talent and could win with maybe what I do.

Taking on and coaching teams at the very bottom has been my coaching life's story for some reason. Maybe in my case because of the small window I fit into, or it was because most of the jobs available to me, were at the bottom and struggling. In the high school realm, not being a teacher in the system, I've had to scrap and scrape and take the bottom to desperate teams whose leadership would hire outside the box such as myself, to get the high school positions I've had. Of course entering the High School Coaching ranks with no high profile track record left me only a few risk takers, in terms of who was going to hire a no-name like I was, to the high school coaching world anyway. Well, I made the best out of each situation and made some loud noise by bringing, at the time, unthinkable winning to my respective schools. So at lease then I had a high school track record with my name on it. That helps some! And I am actually "sitting on ready" for another project right now for 2020!

Anyway, with my philosophy and Double wing offense, I think I have solid proof to what I was just talking about. I took over some of those type high school teams that were getting beat up previously by 40, 50, and 60 points for the reasons I stated before. Well, that all ended when I arrived and things immediately started going the other direction and all because of the Double Wing Offensive Scheme and a coaching mentality that is proven, sound, and smart in it's preparation and execution. A perfect example of a good coach picking up the Double Wing is Alabama's 2-A Champions coach Paul Benefield. Paul was a good coach to begin with, but since his introducing the Gun-Wing to his Red Devils, they have dominated the state with 3 State Titles and a Runner-Up Title of the 5 years they have run the offense. Mount Paran Christian in Kennesaw Ga another team gained huge success after going Gun Wing transforming a 2 or 3 win per year team into a 2014 State Champion and an 80%+ winning percentage since it's implementation.

There are lots of serious advantages I've experienced coaching the Double Wing, and some are:   #1. No plays for a loss of yardage.   #2. No QB sacks. As long as I've been running this offense I can't recall a single QB sack and that is because there weren't any. That's pretty phenomenal    #3. Very few punts. Average less than 1 per game.  #4. Very Low risk for turnovers. The turnovers I've experienced were due to a ball carriers negligence usually being tackled in the secondary. By far the lowest risk offense anywhere. #5. No weekly offensive game planning. Everything we do in learning the rules and blocking schemes of the DW are built in and there is virtually nothing we can't block. There may be a tad bit of adjustment on the fly in a game to something bazaar, but I find my kids so well up on things by game time that it's as simple as scratching an itch. Plus, there is absolutely no clue of what you are going to face on Friday nights, regardless of what a team has been doing previous. I've probably seen it all if not most of it!  In other words, it doesn't matter what they do. Probably my favorite part of running this offense!

These are very big items in winning football games. Take these items along with not doing knuckle-head things, and there is your winning formula, and that is just offense!

The one thing a coach must know in going into the world of the Double Wing is that it simply can't mix well with any conventional offenses. It is an "all or nothing" commitment. Any compromise of its pure DNA which means basic operations, alignment and schemes are just that. "A Compromise" which will weaken the over all integrity and functioning of this potent design.

I have had coaches call or email and send me videos as to why their DW isn't working, or is not as effective as mine and after watching it, I tell them, they aren't running the DW. They are running a hybrid or not taking all the absolutes of the DW seriously, or simply not coached up themselves on the offense. I won't go into all the details but every aspect of the DW is different from all other conventional offenses and that is why I refer to it as a new science. It appears old school to a degree but all elements must be implemented and coached up to have success with it. You will fail in a hybrid unless of course you have all the horses, and then it doesn't matter what you run. Since I've always had to coach from an inferior personnel position, that is how I present the DW.








  There are other common sense things (the don't be a knuckle-head things) that are incorporated into the winning plan as well but that is study for another day.   The Double Wing offense has been very instrumental in my being able to win with kids that have never won, compete with kids not used to competing, and making football fun again for kids that may have fallen away from the game in difficult circumstances.

The double wing also allows one to have a solid and dependable offense whether or not you have a good passer, abundant receivers, strong linemen, or great runners. In it's team concept, It promotes success through tight execution and kids determination and hard work in lieu of having the special kids that can take a team on their shoulders athletically. Now if you have that kid or kids, you are going to be really tough to beat in this offense. Fact is, the worst double wing team I've had was very tough to beat, but not because we matched up. And with the best DW team I've had, I asked a friend on the sideline as we were playing in a Championship game, tied late in the 4th quarter, I asked, "How many players do you think that coach on the other sideline would trade for any of ours"? The answer I got was NONE. We were competing at the very highest level with kids visibly on the lesser talent, size, and speed side of our opponents. But as a unit and with the Double Wing and this winning formula, we were really good if not the best in the league.

High school coaches many times try to think and operate like College or the NFL. Those schemes mainly require matching up and getting athletic guys in space and executing very athletic and talent moves to be successful. There are times when a coach of a not so talented team, may get a player with the ball in space, and it looks like a great play, BUT It closed down very quickly with the better faster kids feasting on the lesser talent. Same scenario on the line of scrimmage. The lesser kid can't hold the blocks on a better player or even an equal for very long thus defenders swarm to the ball blowing up play after play. To me, these are the scheme issues that led me to the Double Wing.

You've heard the expression "Play within Yourself"? Well, to me, that is a good way to look at coaching football. Coach within your team and it's skills and not worry so much about what the NFL and the Big Colleges do, along with  flashy clinic speak. Clinics are wonderful and I've never met a coach that lost on the white board, but a good coach will sieve through it all, and take what can be useful. For one thing, you don't have unlimited coaching time. Second, you don't have recruits. I suggest put in a system that your kids can do and be successful in or at least something within their grasp. What happens mostly is coaches are wanting to keep up with the latest coaching schemes and offensive trends from what they see in college and Pro football, as well as all the clinics. Well, those schemes will work if you have the best players, because you will probably be facing something similar in scheme, on every game day. It's no accident the service academies run what they run. They can't compete on a recruiting level so they have to scheme lesser talent and leverage to compete. The double wing is along those same lines, but with far less risk and none of the indecision of the read game. It is very player friendly.

An example of forced scheming: I had been hired by a large HS team a good while back, and I was asking the existing OC about the offense and what was going to be implemented. He said,  "Coach, We are going to throw the football !". Well, OK,   I was to work with the QB's being my experience etc. so we were going outside throwing all the routes and working hard on the passing game. I took very careful notes as we went along. We had a 20% completion ratio VS AIR. I repeat VS AIR...No defenders, no rush, perfect weather, good footballs, etc, etc. Thankfully, shortly after those work outs, and before I was officially signed on, I was called and hired for an Offensive Coordinators position at another big school, so I didn't stay there, but that particular team went 1-9 that season, with a team that could have easily competed at the top with a decent scheme and coached up offense. They had good linemen and good strong and fast running backs and a great Defensive man coaching the "D" but I guess the OC's intoxicating lure to throw the ball and look like a big time coach, was either just too much, or that was all of an offense the OC knew, which I'm thinking was the case. That HC, the great "D man", was fired after the next season. I feel like the kids really lose in situations like that, and this type scenario is in huge abundance. It's really frustrating to see.

  With a well executed Double/Gun-Wing, average athletes can excel and actually play and look far better than if they were in traditional spread type offenses that rely on more talent and speed in space, by athletes with more advanced skills.  In the DW, average running backs and receivers look very good because the scheme works for them, and protects them, where as in many traditional & spreads, you are basically in a match-up game, one on one many times, which is never a good idea when you're NOT the best ONE! And a super bad idea when all of their 11 are better than yours. I could go into more detail and particulars but enough for now.

Anyway, this offense requires a coach that knows the small DW details, the adjustments to all that will be trying to defend it, as well as one that has his total confidence in it. He must also understand the football physics and critical points, and is willing to coach like the energizer bunny to get all the cogs in the gearbox in order. I don't mind being a rare commodity as a Double Wing coach in fact I prefer it, because I've had to play this offense a couple of times and I got to tell you, I'm with them, I Hate Playing it. It is a nightmare, and I'd rather have to deal with anything else other than this thing. One of the best Defensive Men I've ever coached against, Keith Regan, a 40 year veteran defensive wizard did the best job of slowing my DW down that I remember, and his description of my double wing goes simply like this,  " It's Wicked".  I'll take that all day long, for when a great defensive man calls your offense Wicked, That is a high complement!  As a High School Head Coach in 5 years, I have put up over 23,000 yards of offense in 59 games with teams from the very  bottom of their respective leagues. That averages out to be 390 yards per game. To me, those figures alone speak for this special offense.

 And that is my humble take!!  LH   






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     This just in: California Double Wing team Tustin High Tillers, after years of averaging 8+ wins per season and coming off of a 9 win season,  has decided to go "Modern" as the article puts it, PRO Style in 2018, and run a more Pro game incorporating more passing and Spread schemes due to outside fodder and noise about the Double Wing not being good for recruitment etc.. They said there would be NO parts of the Double Wing remaining in their new system.....   Well,  Tustin pulled an impressive 4-7 record as the experiment proved not so Win Friendly.       *2019 was another impressive 5-6. "Not sure if that's the way to open the recruiting flood gates to Tustin" or to the colleges. I personally don't think you diminish any type recruiting by consistent winning and I certainly don't think the Double Wing is hiding any great athletes!. But that's just me. Oh well, As long as everyone's happy. Onward...







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