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  Nathanael Greene FOOTBALL  
             Georgia High School's  
 8-20  Piedmont       32    0   7:30    Home
 8-27  Monroe   32   12   7:30    Home
 9-3  Curtis Baptist   38    0   7:30    Away
 9-10  Robert-Toombs   18   26   7:30    Home
 9-17  David-Emanuel   46    0   7:30    Home
 9-24  Gatewood   48    6   7:30    Away
 10-1   OPEN   --   --   0:00    Open
 10-8  Westminster   42   6   7:30    Home
 10-15 Thomas/Jefferson   30   14   7:30    Away
 10-22  Holy Spirit   52    0   7:30    Home
 10-29  John Hancock   52   13   7:30    Away
 11-5  Randolf Southern   66    6   7:30    Home
 11-12   Westwood   42   28   7:30    Home
 11-19   Robt.-Toombs    8    16   7:30    Home
          TOTAL  POINTS

     39 points per game average

 506  121   Over 5,000 yards Offense

 Over 385 yards per game average





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  ***"Because of the great kids here, and the tremendous effort by all of them, I was voted, 2004 (GISA) North Georgia "Class A" Coach of the Year". "I would like to thank every one of you players for a dream season, and making me look like I knew what I was doing"!  LH

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  2004 GAME SCORES...

Nathanael Greene 32 - Piedmont 0.

Nathanael Greene 32 - Monroe Academy 12.

Nathanael Greene 38 - Curtis Baptist 0. 

Nathanael Greene 18 - Toombs 26. OUCH, $%@&*%^%$! 

Nathanael Greene 46 - David Emanuel  0

Nathanael Greene 48 - Gatewood  6

Nathanael Greene 42  Westminster 6 

Nathanael Greene 30 - Thomas Jefferson 14.

Nathanael Greene 52 - Holy Spirit 0.

Nathanael Greene 52 - John Hancock 13.

Nathanael Greene 66 - Randolf Southern 6.

Nathanael Greene 42 - Westwood 28.

Nathanael Greene  8 - Robert Toombs 16  STATE CHAMPIONSHIP



    Read the 2004 Season Summary on the **"About the Coach" page of the web site.















#11 Adam Taylor has performed in a fashion any coach can be proud of. His defensive end position was a vital part of our shutting folks down this year and simply terrorized his opponents where he played. His solemn confidence and quiet demeanor and 160 pound size would fool you unless you saw him in action and in my opinion, one of the best in the league along with our other defensive end. It will be very hard to replace this great senior and we hate to see him graduate.

#58 Luke "Pearl" Askew is the other defensive end I referred to above. He is another very quiet unassuming individual who becomes a giant on a football field. Pearl is very coachable and cares deeply about doing his job and honestly, I don't think there is a better Defensive End or Offensive Guard in the league. Pearl could shut down the off-tackle hole and still rebound on destroy a sweep, playing perfect clinic technique, and delivering some of our largest bone crunching licks all year. QB's didn't care much for Pearl, nor did victims of his blocking on the corners. He mashed people, freeing our runners time and time again. We will miss him greatly.

#1 Zeke "the Streak" Robinson is the best corner in the league, nuf said. He leads the league in interceptions with no one in a close second. He also made some very important tackles in the open field this year and even with a broken hand for the last 4 games, excelled as a major factor in our success. He was our second leading rusher with nearly 1000 yards, that's right, second leading rusher. We will have to say bye to this valuable senior as well and what to do about a replacement will be extremely tough.

OTHER MAJOR SENIOR CONTRIBUTORS WERE: Wayne "Peter Built" Lindsey, Conrad "Free" Easley, Jamie Rhodes, and Craig "Rico" Stewart. Without you guys, we would have gone nowhere. Thanks for the example, and all the hard work & leadership you displayed!

  #2 TREY DUNAGAN   Leading Rusher in the State of Georgia 2004 (on any level)

Saying so long to this fine athlete is very difficult at best. Trey is another quiet leader that everyone on the team and in the school looks up to, and for good reason. He is a very serious and purposeful person, mature, yet enjoys a good laugh with the best of us. His presence makes all the players around him play at a higher level and has been an absolute pleasure to coach. His smooth style of running the football, his intelligent decisions, and God given speed and ability has earned Trey Dunagan "Top Rusher" in Georgia and I believe that is in all classifications thru 13 games. Trey has well over 2,100 yards rushing, but what most people don't realize, He is one of the best blocking backs in the league as well. He was very instrumental in Zeke and Zeb's 1,800 yards together. Our Offense produced over 5,000 yards of total offense this year and Trey Dunagan is largely responsible. We have some very promising folks coming up at the younger levels but no one in our school family wants to say good-bye to Trey Dunagan. I don't think I would get much argument from anyone, especially our opponents, to say that Trey Dunagan is the GISA Class "A" Best football player...period. He was selected All-State unanimously.

Below are other seniors that were major factors in our 2004 success.


                  Conrad Easley                         Jamie Rhodes                         Wayne Lindsey



           Craig "Rico" Stewart



Playing as a team, for each other, and for the school, has been the trade mark of our season. We just have to guess at who the players of the week are most of the time, because of such balanced team effort. The unselfishness and willingness to do anything it takes to win has brought us to the point where we are, the Finals. With this type dedication and effort, We had a chance. LH

I am very proud of all our 2004 players! LH     






   There is nothing like playing for high stakes on Friday nights. This type of behavior brings whole communities together with optimism and an excitement, and energizes all that comes near it.  


(August 2004) THE SKINNY on us this year is that we have a good number of seniors for a team our size, (We only have 18 players - total) and a very small junior and freshman class. We must bring the young guys up very quickly to mesh with the seniors. We are a very small for even a 1-A team in this league.  We will be counting on this senior leadership to assist as leaders on the field for the younger guys. These seniors have been through a lot of difficulty as a team in the past and I hope to capitalize on their hunger to win, and to take pride in all that we are doing. As the new Head Coach, I will be instilling the fact that a team with small numbers can win big, and the only numbers that count are the 11 on the field at a particular time. No one can play with more than 11 and we must be the best eleven for 48 minutes.  We hope to have the element of surprise working in our favor with no one expecting much from us. With our new Double Wing Offense and our New 4-3 defensive scheme, we hope to rattle some cages early and get some battle s a v v y confidence and experience, to prep us for a hopeful play-off spot.

We are looking for these special young men to step up their efforts and make big contributions in our quest for a title this year. They are as follows:  Seniors: Trey Dunagan (TD), Luke Askew (Pearl),  Adam Taylor, Conrad Easley, Zeke Robinson (Zeke the Streak) , Wayne Lindsey, Craig Stewart, Jamie Rhodes. Juniors: Hank Carlton, Win Corry, Matthew Wheeler & Chris Eddy. Sophomores: Jimmy Easley,  Zeb Duvall, Daniel Dowdy, Gray Holcomb (Puddin}. Freshmen: Chaz Lawson,  Dustin Bashore, and Jordan Foster. New additions include: Casey Dove, Daniel Moore,  and Jack Jarard.




  Scene from a Nat-Greene Football Pre-Game Meal Click on picture to enlarge. We stress weight training here at Nat-Greene.                ****Can't ya tell ?


              CLICK BELOW ON SMALL PICTURE    PHOTOS of the 2004 - 2005 Patriots.            



  ROSTER 2004

1 Zeke Robinson Sr. RB-DB 59 140
2 Trey Dunagan Sr. RB-LB 510 165
3 Conrad Easley Sr. TE-S 57 135
6 Craig Stewart Sr. FB-LB 58"165
8 Casey Dove Fr. RB, DB 56 120
10 Dustin Bashore Fr. RB-QB 57 125
11 Adam Taylor Sr. TE-DE 511 160
12 Win Corry Jr. G-DT 57 135
14 Hank Carlton Jr. RB-LB 511 160
16 Matthew Wheeler Jr. TE-DE 62 210
20 Gray Holcomb So. C-DT 58 165
21 Zeb Duval So. RB-DB 57 140
24 Jimmy Easley So. QB-DE 511150
25 Daniel Moore Fr. TE, DE 59 125
34 Jack Jarard Fr. TE, DE 511 135
50 Jordan Foster Fr. OT - DT 5'8" 155
52 Chris Eddy So. G-DT 510 165
54 Daniel Dowdy So. T-DT 511 210
58 Luke Askew Sr. G-DE 62 175
66 Jamie Rhodes Sr. G-LB 58 215
69 Wayne Lindsey Sr. T-LB 59 215
99 Chaz Lawson Fr. T-DT 58 205







The 10th Grade Entree for the Door Decoration Contest.

This is an extreme hoot! The 10th grade entered this door decoration during homecoming week which was embarrassing to say the least, but much appreciated and I'm touched by this. Of course, this group is full of jokesters too. I take it as a very nice gesture. Thank you all for the support and efforts, and if this was done just to make me turn red in the face, it worked!





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