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       FEATURED COACHES & TEAMS                     --------- OF THE DOUBLE WING NATION ---------

 If you are a Double Wing -Gun Wing team, Let us know who you are, and how you are doing!zzzzz


  There are but a FEW of us Double Wingers among the hundreds and thousands of high school teams in the country, but our small fraternity usually makes it's presence very well known, our opponents angst ! 

Below are but a few examples of some great Double Wing / Gun-Wing  **Coaches and Teams Representing our offense today Big Time.....



                  2020  Fyffe wins State Title Again

The Double Wing Offense and a tenacious defense has been the staple of       zzzzzzzzFyffe, and Coach Benefield's 5th State Title in 7 years


                                                          F Y F F E   (Alabama)
   Legendary Football  Coach     *****Paul Benefield          **and the Gun-Wing Offense



 Coach Benefield's record since implementing the Gun-Wing is not too shabby 103-4 after 2020 and 5 State Championships

  300+ lifetime wins (29 yrs)





     Fiffe Red Devils - State Champs 2016




      A ridiculous statistic...

   1 Turn-over the entire year 2016.

                  BUT, Not So Fast !

   Film rectified that 1, SO truly ZERO **Turnovers on the year (15 games).

      A national High school record ?













































    Again & Again

 2020 Fyffe completes another undefeated season 16-0 and another STATE CHAMPIONSHIP defeating Montgomery Catholic 21-16 in an amazing game of perseverance. Catholic jumped on Fyffe early with their fleet of screaming fast and athletic abundance 16-0. So many great athletes on display made it a truly monumental task to coral and hang with such talent, but Fyffe did just that! Some really big plays by key Fyffe players gave the Devils a chance and Coach Benefield and the guys squeezed every opportunity they had in between the chasing of  Br'er Rabbits all over the football field. Defensive discipline and persistence was the winning formula in the end. Folks, Winning 5 out of the past 7 State titles is a ridiculous achievement, and the high school football world will surely take note at what an insanely good job Coach Benefield has done at his own Alma-Mater.

ALABAMA'S 5 TIME STATE CHAMPIONS  2020 Fyffe Wins 5th State Title in the last 7 years

                             (Coach Paul Benefield)

   2019 - Fyffe Red Devils, 15-0 Wins State Title Game VS Reeltown 55-7. ......The 4th title in just 6 seasons.

A ridiculous exhibition of Coaching,  discipline, and scheme, along with a magnificent defense, Shutting-Out 9 of it's 15 opponents and the First Defense Unit was never scored on the entire year. The offense puts up 638 points in those 15 games.   8That is...ridiculous!

***I went to the Fyffe - Reeltown Championship game and witnessed another beat down of a very speedy and talented team at Jordon-Hare Stadium. Fyffe was poised as always and did what Fyffe does. They go about the business of great blocking and great tackling, along with unprecedented ball security in a superbly run Double Wing scheme. In a world where high school coaches are clambering Clinics to get the latest trendy college and pro offenses and flash, to show their big time coaching prowess, Paul Benefield continues to stack trophies in the Fyffe showcase beating them profusely, running the Gun-Wing version of the Double-Wing and continually beating up on many times, bigger faster talent. Fyffe is a small community that grows it's own football players and with hard nosed discipline and the "one way" or the "Right Way" of doing things, which in Fyffe's case is, "The Paul Benefield Way". I'm sure one day someone will do a documentary of this great coach and his community where he himself played as a youth, and has now spent 20+ years bringing big time winning there. Fyffe had never won a state title but since Benefield implemented the Gun Wing in 2014, he has won 4 State titles in those 6 years. Congratulations again Coach on another superior coaching exhibition!


In 15 games, Fyffe has scored 638 points and given up 43 and those opponent points came late in trash time against the depth chart in blowouts Fyffe's First team Defense is un-scored on.... 


  At 2019 year end, Paul has raised his lifetime tally to 297 wins and only 53 losses in 29 years of coaching. He is 9th in Winning in Alabama history but who's winning percentage is better than all the 8 coaches that are ahead of him.


   Since we focus mostly on the offense we run on this site, I have to take the time to say that Coach Benefield's DEFENSE is one of the finest coached up defenses I've ever witnessed anywhere. To be able to shut down some of the powerhouse talents he has had to face with his team of average size and speed makes Fyffe a truly amazing team to watch. Even the most hard headed folks on the planet would have to give a hat tip to Coach Benefield and concur that he's one of the best high school coaches anywhere.  If they won't , I will!  L.H.

           Fyffe Red Devils-Alabama AA State Champions 2019


2018 - STATE CHAMPIONS Fyffe Red Devils, 15-0 After surviving it's mirror image, and very tough opponent, the Ohatchee Indians, Fyffe had to face a very big, very talented, and very athletic team, that based on appearance, you'd say, "I don't think Fyffe can hang with these guys BUT. I went to the game myself, and became part of this fantastic small town event. There,  I witness a complete domination, beat-down and dismembering of the highly potent Aliceville Yellow Jackets. Fyffe's defense was absolutely suffocating, containing all of that talent and only to submit to a late 50 yard Completion for Aliceville's 8 points. Fyffe's Gun Wing thrashed the Jacket Defense on all but a couple of possessions. On a rainy night Fyffe's superbly coached kids didn't bobble a single snap, handoff or have any ball security issue while Aliceville let it loose a few times as well as a big interception that added to the compiling of Fyffe's 49 points.  NOW  They have conquered the gridiron giants from Luverne in a war 21-19 for Paul Benefield and Fyffe's 3rd State Title in 5 years.

   I can say after following these guys and watching them for those 5 years, that Fyffe is one of the best coached teams I've ever seen. I have become a big fan. The attention to detail, and the fervor in which they have obviously been taught to play is amazing to watch. I congratulate Coach Benefield for placing and maintaining the bar very high for Alabama AA football. At 2018 year end, Paul has raised his lifetime tally to 282 wins.


  2018.... Fyffe is Off to another flawless season 10-0 as the playoffs approach, aiming to get back into the "State Title" business under Coach Paul Benefield. Coach Benefield with this past victory chalked up his 281st win as a high school football coach, mostly at Fyffe, the school he went to, and played for in his youth. His winning percentage is a ridiculous 84% and climbing over 27 years. Again as the wins pile up and the scoring adds up, still no site of celebrating by players. It's as if making tackles, great runs, catches and touchdowns are expected, and not like winning the lotto. This Fyffe thing is beginning to read like a small town Americana Football Movie isn't it?. "Good luck into the playoffs and I hope I can make one in person". "Being 3 hours away, I'd like to thank you for keeping me on line and letting me feel like a close fan of your great team".


  2017.... As of November 19, Coach Benefield and the Fyffe Red Devils were 12-1, averaging 42 points per game, and leaving their opponents a scant 7 points roughly per game. Fyffe was into the FINAL FOUR again, but fell 7 points shy of another State title game. Congratulations Coach and team on another fabulous season in the construct of the Fyffe Dynasty!


  2016....."Congratulations: Paul Benefield & the Fyffe Red Devils ALABAMA Two-Time 2A State Champs Unbeaten. Fyffe wins title 28-0 over Aliceville. Fyffe put the Gun Wing (Double Wing) Offense in in 2014 and has won Fyffe's 2nd state title in 3 years running !   I had a chance to watch these guys on the sidelines in 2014 and they are a hard nosed well coached machine, and as methodical as I've ever seen in a high school team! Coach Benefield has the Gun-Wing stroking on all cylinders outscoring opponents 700 to 113 in 15 games"! Per game average score 47-7. They also play very good defense as you'll notice! Can you say  Domination? "This team is very well coached"! Solid kids and leadership. I've watched most of their games on video and have never seen them celebrate after a score or a big play. It's a good thing, they would wear themselves out!  Oh, In 2015 when they didn't win the State Title, they did finish the Runner-Up!





             2018....2 Gun-Wing teams                      Clash in the 3rd Round - Alabama AA Playoffs **            Fyffe VS Ohatchee  
 A very rare occurrence happened in Alabama High school football in 2018. It's rare because it's rare to see 2 Double Wing or Gun Wing Teams in anyone's football circle much less 2, undefeated three deep into the playoffs. The phrase "slobber knocker" comes to mind when describing this dog fight. 2 teams, undefeated, virtual mirror images of each other fighting till the bitter end. The Fyffe Red Devils prevail 21-13 as they out lasted the Ohatchee Indians. Both are Gun-Wing teams and were very mindful of the dilemma each faced trying to slow down the other. Both Defenses did a very good job of just that I'd say in a 21-13 game, where both participants were used to averaging over 40+ points per game. In a game like this, it usually boils down to mistakes and Ohatchee simply made a few more than Fyffe, dropping a sure TD pass in the first half and a turn over inside their own red zone to name a couple. But Fyffe made plays when they had to, and had to do it without their most dynamic player Peyton Anderson, who is one of the states best AA players. I congratulate both coaches Paul Benefield, and Scott Martin for superb game preparation hoisting their respective teams to the very top of Alabama's AA football Class. If you look at these 2 teams lined up next to their opponents, You will discover why coaching is paramount in certain High School Football programs around the country, and realize how rare great coaching really is!


    W H I T E F O R D  (Michigan)  

  Whiteford Bobcats 2018










2018 - Whiteford, After a blistering 10-0 start, and pounding their first ten opponents without a close game, they dropped their playoff game 28-6 to Reading, in an absolute mud pit. The Bobcats looked to be dominating once again but this night in the mud, the insane footing, fumbles and turnovers after great drives proved to be the killer. Worst conditions I've seen maybe ever. The game looked to be in slow motion.  I feel like on a clean field this one would have been much different, for to me, it appeared that the Bobcats were the better team. Congratulations on another magnificent season and coaching job with the Bobcats, and keep up the great work. You are bringing a lot of pride and excitement to your community. 37-2 over 3 years is crazy numbers. I've enjoy watching you and your Bobcats'  from year to year and you are, for sure, a great carrier of the double wing torch! Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop!


  2017 - Michigan STATE CHAMPIONS  (UNDEFEATED)                               Coach Mensing and Whiteford are State Champions in Michigan,14-0 averaging well over 50 points per game. Double wing football is rocking big time in this Michigan High School. Whiteford's tightest game was 36-20 and the rest were slaughters with 3 to 8 touchdown differentials. Mensing missed the title in the title game last year, so in 2 seasons, coach Mensing and the Double Wing Offense is 27-1. One State Title and One Runner up. Congratulation Coach ! The double wing world is very proud of your work!  Talk about Representing!



  Whiteford Bobcats 2017 ****State Champions

  November 2016   Today 11-25-2016  Jason Mensing, long time fraternal Double Wing friend and head coach of Whiteford High School in Michigan, just missed a Michigan State Championship Title today. They finished undefeated on the season and playoffs until the state title game, putting a double wing thrashing to his opponents game after game. Jason and Whiteford posted 13 wins, before dropping the final to Muskegon Catholic Central. Jason is an outstanding coach and has a great understanding of the Double Wing Offense and with his own excellent tweaks has always been very sound and interesting as well as very effective. He put me on his HUDL account a few years back so I could watch his progress as the seasons went on. A very impressive season Mr. Mensing and congratulations on a magnificent coaching job!




     CLAYTON VALLEY (California)  















Tim Murphy, head coach at Clayton Valley in California is always at the very top of California High School football, winning everywhere he has coached. He is a great teacher and executioner of the Double Wing Offense, and with his success running the Gun Wing version, he has caused a rash of Gun-Wing teams to emerge all over the country.







2016 Clayton Valley Ugly Eagles playoff bound with a   9-1 regular season finish. Just another year for Tim Murphy and the Uglys. We'll keep you posted!


Coach Murphy's Achievements go something like this:

15 League Championships (multiple at each school, which were 2-8, 1-9, 4-7 upon arrival)   9 Undefeated League Championships   10 League Coach of Year Awards   16 Playoff Invitations   8 CIF Championship Appearances       6 CIF Championships   2 Metro Coach of the Year Awards    4 Area Coach of the Year Awards      8 City Coach of the Year Awards     2 ESPN the Radio Coach of the Year Awards     1 ESPN the Radio Team of the Year Award     2 ABC (affiliate) Coach of the Year Awards    1 CBS (affiliate) Coach of the Year Award     1 NBC (affiliate) Coach of the Year      1 Bay Area Sports Focus Coach of the Year Award     2 Times nominated State Coach of the Year     1 ESPY Winner Coach of the Year Award      3 Times named Area All-Star Game Head Coach     1 Time Under Armour National All-Star Game Coach   4 Times teams ranked top 10 in the State      3 Times teams ranked top 10 in the Western Region of the US    2 Times teams ranked top 50 in the Nation   1 Time team ranked top 25 in the Nation

    I'm tired, are you?




               Ohatchee High Indians (Alabama)  
    Hats off to Coach Scott Martin of Ohatchee High in Alabama posting 4 consecutive excellent seasons of (12-2) - (8-3) - (11-1)and this year 2019, 11-1. Coach Martin does a jam up job with the Gun Wing Offense and will probably be in the Alabama AA State Title hunt for years to come!    


***12-11-2021  GEORGIA - CONGRATULATIONS to Fitzgerald County High for taking the first state title trophy home since 1948. Fitzgeralds Double Wing Offense simply left perennial powerhouse Thomasville with a bunch of worn out defenders after they had been on the field most of the night trying to slow the methodical drumbeat of Fitzgerald's Double Wing Offense. Thomasville ran only 9 plays in the first half. Congrats to coach Tucker Pruitt for the advanced football knowledge and the good sense to break from the offensive trends in the 21 - 7 win for the title!



***12-6-2019  ALABAMA - CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Paul Benefield and the Fyffe   Red Devils in Alabama AA Class for another STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.  That's 4 in 6 years. Coach Benefield will probably tell you that defense wins championships, but he will also tell you that if you have an offense that averages 42 points per game, controls the clock and leaves the opposition with few possessions, it helps the defense immensely. The Fyffe first defensive unit was never scored on in the 15 game season. That is pretty insane by anyone's standards. Paul Benefield was a great coach for many years but had never won a state title. 6 years ago he installed the Double Wing (Gun-Wing) from the Gun, and has proceeded to win 4 state titles in those 6 years and barely missing it the other two years. Fyffe's record since the Gun Wing went in is an another insane stat, 87-4.



***11-16-2019  ALABAMA - CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Scott Martin (Ohatchee High Indians) in Alabama AA Class for another 2nd Round appearance and going 11-1, with another Back to Back Undefeated Regular Season.


***12-07-2018  ALABAMA - CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Paul Benefield and the Fyffe   Red Devils in Alabama AA Class for another STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.  That's 3 in 5 years. Great Kids, good leadership, solid Players, and tremendous coaching is the Fyffe winning formula. The intense work that Fyffe puts into it's football program is very obvious. Coach, congratulations for another magnificent job. The Gun-Wing community is very fortunate to have you as a leader, of the way to do it right!


***11-30-2018  ALABAMA - CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Scott Martin (Ohatchee High) in Alabama AA Class for an elite eight appearance and going 11-1 only being clipped by perennial powerhouse Fyffe. Your work with the Gun Wing Offense is exemplary and I know Alabama football hasn't seen or heard the last of you!  A Jam Up Defense as well!   Excellent coaching job Scott Martin.

***12-15-2018  MICHIGAN - CONGRATULATIONS  to Coach Mensing and Whiteford (Michigan) for becoming State Runners-Up with a 13-1 record on the year. 37-2 over 3 years says it all.

***12-15-2018  ALABAMA - CONGRATULATIONS  to the Northside Rams (AAAA) in Tuscaloosa County for it's two great seasons 9-2 (2017) and 10-2  (2018) running the Double & Gun-Wing offense.

***12-15-2018  INDIANA - CONGRATULATIONS  to Western High and Coach Alex Stewart  in bringing Western High Football in Russiaville Indiana to the high side, finishing 2 great winning seasons with  7-3 record and averaging 41 points per game. Coach it sounds like you've entered the fast lane with the Gun-Wing in the State of Indiana High school football. Great work!


***12-15-2017 MICHIGAN - CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Mensing and Whiteford (Michigan) for winning the STATE TITLE. Last year Whiteford finished runner up only losing the final game , and this year a total undefeated package with the title. 27-1 over two years. That is some pretty darn good Double Winging right there! Mighty Fine Job Coach!

***12-15-2017  ALABAMA - CONGRATULATIONS to the Fyffe Red Devils for finishing in the final 4 once again. So in 4 years running the Gun Wing, Fyffe has 1 Final Four, 1 Runner Up, And 2 State title Trophies. Coach Benefield has it going on big time at Fyffe.



***12-02-2016  ALABAMA - CONGRATULATIONS to the Fyffe Red Devils for winning their Second (Alabama AA) State Championship in 3 years over a very talented Aliceville Team 28-0. Coach Benefield and the Devils are dominating the field of play with the Gun Wing Offense and very sound Defense, leaving very little wiggle room for their weekly opponents.

***12-21-2016 MICHIGAN - CONGRATULATIONS  to Coach Mensing and Whiteford (Michigan) for going undefeated the entire season and the play-offs and finishing as State Runner-Ups. A tremendous coaching accomplishment in Whiteford!



***12-02-2015  ALABAMA - CONGRATULATIONS to the Fyffe Red Devils for another State Title Game appearance and representing Alabama as State Runner Up.


***12-13-2014  GEORGIA - CONGRATULATIONS to  Mount Paran Christian School (OC-Tab Griffin) for running the table and winning the GA 1-A State Title 49-7 over a very strong Eagles Landing Christian Academy team. Another team reaching tremendous heights with the Double Wing / Gun-Wing Offense.

***12-05-2014  ALABAMA - CONGRATULATIONS to the Fyffe Red Devils for winning their first (Alabama AA) State Championship in school history over a very athletic and talented Elba Team 28-17. Coach Benefield and the Devils run my offense, the Gun Wing, about as good as you can run it, and averaged 50+ points per game during the season.

***12-26-2014 INDIANA - CONGRATULATIONS to Rensselaer Central High School Bombers for winning the (Indiana AA) State Championship. Though I'm not real familiar with Coach Meeks and the Bombers, I'm certainly familiar with their offense which is the (Double Wing) Gun Wing. Congratulations Coach!

*** CALIFORNIA  - CONGRATULATIONS   Clayton Valley...It seems a redundancy when talking about Tim Murphy (Clayton Valley HS Ugly Eagles, California) as he always finishes one of the very top in the State of California running the Double Wing / Gun-Wing. A true student of the game and the Double Wing. "Tim, I think I still have the Clovis East lanyard you gave me at the clinic we did in Frisco TX! What a great guy,  He will give you the very lanyard off his neck"! :-)



Sept. 2014 *** I took a day of bye week Friday night to visit some Double Wing friends in Ider, Alabama as they hosted the states #1 team, Fyffe. Ider High dresses 27 and Fyffe over 50 and Well, they ran into quite a buzz-saw and took a tough one on the chin. Fyffe runs the Gun-Wing form of our Double Wing. Ider will bounce back with the great leadership of Coach Tinker and Coach Hanna and the fine kids there. It was a very fine experience visiting another teams sideline in a place removed from my every day. Great, well mannered kids, being focused and introspective getting ready for the fight. Coaches poised and ready. I knew I was visiting a great small town event. Good luck with the rest of your season Coaches and thanks for the fabulous experience, well, other than the final score of course. We'll talk soon!

AND Bounce back they did with a night of rushing for over 375 yards. Great job men!!!   ***Several more huge offensive outings of 350+ yards rushing games have pushed Ider's record to 6-3 and guaranteed play-off spot. Not a bad leap from last years 1-9 season. "Keep up the great work guys"!

Incidentally, this night was the night I discovered Fyffe football and Coach Benefield who we feature on this site,