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  If you are interested in having Coach Harrison as a contributor at a clinic, or a clinic style session, please E-MAIL or TEXT us and give a quick detail of what you would like.

         Coach Harrison is willing to share his methods of winning football games under athletic adversity, at all  age levels, and building winning attitudes in kids of all talents. It is easy to win when you are loaded with talent, but it takes great efforts, and a very different approach to win with far less abilities, size, speed, and experience. Coach Harrison will consider appearing for certain CLINIC sessions, or to give a Presentation on  his expertise, based on... #1- his 35 year history of winning football at all age levels through High School.   #2- his football philosophy, and     #3 the offense and defense he runs. Simply E-MAIL us below and we will respond quickly. Thanks

Coach H: "Please feel free to contact me with anything you may feel interesting or would be of interest to the web site. I will get articles posted, pictures, stories, and events relevant to our football team, high school football in Georgia and around the country, or anything fitting this site.  If you would like to be featured on my site or linked from this site, Please send us some info or contact us and we will consider getting you on".  Thanks


    Coach Harrison is actively seeking a coaching project for the 2019 season and onward

   Hours of Harrison's Blistering Double Wing Action

       Order DOUBLE WING   nnnnAction DVD's HERE

DW-DVD'S...HOURS OF DOUBLE WING FOOTAGE for all you double wingers out there, the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009 highlight DVDs are available and to get it, simply... Send a check $20 per disc or $80 for all 5 disc to Larry Harrison, 725 Singley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30044. I will have it in the mail the same day I receive it. 

Please specify exactly which DVD you want and therefore make the check reflecting how many you'd like to order. There are several hours of very tightly executed Double Wing footage to view here... Please include a return address on the order.

These are barrages of smash mouth double wing that is performed by the 2004 thru 2006 Nathanael Greene Patriots that broke every record known in the schools 36 year existence along with the 2008 and 2009 Heritage (Newnan, GA) Hawks in the 2 record setting winning seasons. The 2008 and 2009 seasons were only the 3rd and 4th year of football ever at the Heritage School.  These great kids with very little football experience performed the double wing offense brilliantly and this DVD is a must for the Double Wing Connoisseur. ORDER NOW!  Don't forget return address.






Clinic in Canada 2009 !!!!

2009 - Coach Harrison back from Toronto Canada for a second year doing a double wing clinic at Forrest Hill  Collegiate Institute-High School. Forrest Hill Moves up to play Tier 1 which is the largest league in Toronto.   They have a tremendous challenge ahead for 2009 but the kids seems to have great confidence and are     ready to get down to hard work.

It was great seeing the kids at Forrest Hill for the second year and once again, Coach Ron Singer would not let me recruit a few of his guys. I was very surprised at the growth and maturity of the guys there and the sessions went  very well as the offense was executed much sweeter and smoother than when I was there last year. Great job guys!

It was also great to see Phys. Ed. Director and AD Chris Parkin once again, a prince of a guy and a super   person to have on your staff. I was also very pleased to meet defensive star in several leagues and tackling machine, Derek Wheeler who worked with some younger guys on Saturday and did some major instruction on Sunday with the  defensive side.

Like last year, coach Ron Singer and Loraine treated me like royalty and kept me stuffed with good food as we hashed through football in our respective worlds and it was just a really nice weekend in Toronto Canada.

And the 12th player ???  I let them figure that out!

Back from Canada?  2008 

Coach Harrison presented a private double wing clinic at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute - High school in Toronto Canada on Aug 23. The Forest Hill Collegiate Institute got a heaping helping of Coach Harrison's Double Wing Style and Southern Drawl but was not at all ridiculed by his regional speech defects, but was treated with a tremendous amount of good ole Southern Hospitality as we call it. The clinic included roughly 35 players and a few coaches and was an all day affair. Coach Harrison went through many aspects of the offense, even more than planned and the kids seemed to respond very well. The kids and Coach H. were accompanied by Head Coach Ron Singer, Phys. Ed.  Director and AD Chris Parkin, and  Ex-Pro Canadian Player and all-round super coach and great guy Peter Hogarth who will possibly be joining the  coaching staff for the season. "These guys were simply great to work with and the kids at Forest Hill are in great hands".

"The Forest Hill Falcons will be relying on mostly leverage and intelligence for outside of a couple of really big guys,  they are very average in size overall, but are all really great kids, very smart, and seemed to be really getting the  system. Coach Ron Singer along with the lovely Lorraine treated me like Royalty and made me eat quantum amounts of quality food. Well, they didn't exactly make me, but presented the opportunity...and I did the rest. Someone must have tipped him that I love to eat good". "Now if I could just sleep!  Hopefully I can post a few pictures soon"!

"Thank you, players for a great time, be it so short, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute being with you special  guys on the field and off, and I'll be looking for some of your success stories soon! Thanks again for such a warm welcome and a great day", Coach Harrison


Hi Larry,

It seems like just last week you were up here in Canada at our weekend summer camp, helping us fine  tune the Double Wing attack.

This was to be our second year at Forest Hill running the Double Wing and I had run it for several years before.

You came up and put it in from the start , first you had a chalk talk, then you put in the basic DW Offense over the weekend.

Although we had run it the year before we all learned a lot.

Forest Hill was in our second year of Football and we won the High School Div 3 championship yesterday 26 -17.

We dressed about 23 and played about 17 kids. The school we beat dressed almost 50 , they had some   great individual athletes.

We drove down the field 2x mainly on powers to build up a 13 -0 lead and we never looked back.

We had the ball almost the entire 3rd quarter, it was wet and they played their whole defense on the line    of scrimmage.

They could not stop the powers , so we ran them repeatedly. They made some crazy adjustments at the half, but they could not stop the powers.

I told the team if they could not stop our powers I would not stop them.

We even threw a couple of wedges in.

Thank you again for your help, see you again next year.


Ronald Singer

    ***THANKS  Coach Singer for such a nice and rewarding report. I remember working really hard that day and enjoying your staff and the kids so much. As you kept reporting during the year, It sounded like you guys were running the offense better and better and gaining momentum. Congratulations on such a great season and beating the monsters! Harrison

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