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  Nathanael Greene Academy  2005 Football Schedule ***


 8-19  Piedmont        6   14   7:30   Away
 8-26  Monroe   36   14   7:30   Away
 9-2  Curtis Baptist   38    6   7:30   Home
 9-9  Robert-Toombs   16   33   7:30   Away
 9-16  David-Emanuel   28   15   7:30   Away
 9-23  Gatewood    8   14   7:30   Home
 10-7  Westminster   38    6   7:30   Away
 10-14  Thomas/Jefferson    26   28   7:30   Home
 10-21  Holy Spirit   48    7   7:30   Home
 10-28  John Hancock   27   20   7:30   Home
 11-4  Terrell Academy   55   32   7:30   Home
 11-11  Robert Toombs   28   34 2-OT   7:30   Away
    Totals    354  223  








6-4 Regular Season League Record (2nd seed in the playoffs)

Nathanael Greene: HUGE  WIN over Terrell 55-32, NOW to the SEMI-FINALS where we play Robert Toombs Academy.

Season Complete and we finish with the best performances of the year and a 7-5 Overall record in the GISA and STATE SEMI-FINALIST.


      CLICK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1TWqUyDtiE 

      CLICK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NBNB6BTeBA

      CLICK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBdelJSE81Y




OUR ALL STATE PLAYERS   #14 HANK CARLTON,    #21 ZEB DUVALL...     These fine young men were our 2 wingbacks in our double wing offense and both rushed for over 1,400 yards each. Hank was also a big time pass receiver for us as well, and along with ZEB, both played tremendous defense all year!



OUR ALL REGION PLAYERS, #7 JOHN DUVALL,  #20 GRAY HOLCOMB,  #16 MATTHEW WHEELER,  #14 HANK CARLTON,  #54 DANIEL DOWDY,   #21 ZEB DUVALL .   **Honorable Mention but definitely qualified for the honor,  #24 JIMMY EASLEY,  #12 WIN CORRY.



*Footnote from Coach: I just felt the need to make a statement on the All Region and All State honors as it pertains to our QB Jimmy Easley. Jimmy missed a good portion, of the front end of our season, with a broken arm and came back pre-maturely to help the team and played in a lot of pain. At the 6th or 7th game, his arm was getting better and he began to get close to 100% and the results were great. Jimmy ran the team outstandingly as usual, but he began passing when called on, at a ridiculous completion ratio, finishing up the season with definite ALL-STATE, performances such as 11 TD's in 4 games, tons of yardage, and setting the new school record for the longest TD pass in school history of 80 yards to John Duvall VS John Hancock. His brilliant play and great decision making was very big in our reaching the semi-finals and going to 2-OT in that game. I'm dead confident that Jimmy Easley, if not being injured early would have been a unanimous shoo-in for all-state honors. LH

Also, Win Corry got big recognition from the league as he played like Mr. Distructo as a "D" Tackle and "O" Guard at 135 pounds, making all other coaches and players make special plans, having to deal with his great play!


  6-4 Regular Season League Record - Final 7-5        We played Robert-Toombs Christian Academy in Lyons, GA on (11-11-2005) in the Semi-Finals.  NGA 28  Toombs 34 (2-OT)    ...Toombs went on to play Thomas Jefferson in the State Championship loosing only 13 to 12. Just an indication of how close we really were to a State Title.

(11-05-2005) We will face the best collection of talent in Class "A" for sure, if not "AA" as well.  We must bring our absolute best game  with NO turnovers to stay in it.

Conclusion: It's done, and as a coach, I've never experienced a more devastating loss in my 29 years of coaching. The game by all rights should have been ours several times over and  somehow THEY ended up with the win. Truly amazing!. See Game Page

#1 We dropped a thriller falling 2 yards short after a 93 yard drive with a little over 2 minutes in the game. A thrilling end to a game bombarded with our fumbles and blown assignments, all which are fixable.

#2  We got back to our winning ways with a good win over Monroe Academy. They brought a little more punch than we expected and we found ourselves in a dogfight in the 3rd quarter with more fumbles and blown assignments. Improvement is a must but it was nice to get back to our productive offensive ways with 446 total yards of offense. 

#3  Had our way with Curtis Baptist 38-6 and got everyone in the game. Still a ways to go before we are anywhere near the top. Did manage 424 yards of offense, all rushing.

# No amount of fight or determination can overcome being undisciplined. This would have to be the game summary for us VS Toombs. We played very hard but we camped in the wrong places, missed reads and were slow to react to reads thus were our defensive problems. These however, probably could have been less a problem if we could keep the ball on offense. We moved the ball and had many great opportunities to tie or go ahead but instead made bad decisions, played undisciplined and fumbled the ball away. Key interceptions, and fumbles just devastated our chances. Congrats to a great Toombs team. Wow!, how a class "A" team can put that number of superb athletes together with "A" enrollment is still a far mystery to me. Must be some kind of magic there. A bigger mystery Friday was how much holding and blocking in the back was ignored. After seeing the film, I wanted to be sick.

#9 Thomas Jefferson was top rated in our class coming in to our game and made it tough for us. Though we ended up on the short end of a 28 - 26 score, we have the mental cobwebs removed and we know that we can compete at the highest level of our class. We are beat up, missing players and maybe missing some more next week after checking some new injurys but we must endure somehow and never let up. Friday was a good growing up night, for we were down by two touchdowns a couple of times and always battled back. We drove 90 yards at the end for a touchdown and then the two point conversion to attempt to tie the game, and we thought we got in. We saw some passing opportunities and took them as NGA's air attack rose to the occasion with Jimmy Easley connecting with John Duvall, Forrest Pettay, Matthew Wheeler, Hank Carlton, and Chris Eddy for the punches that kept us in the fight. Great effort by the whole Nat-Greene team.

#10 John Hancock is our year ending street brawl every year and this year was no exception. Coach Sumner and Coach Peck had their team fired up and well prepared for the task and kept the pressure on us all night. We in return, kept their head spinning with some game of our own. We sacked the QB 5 times on the night and held the Wishbone option game in tough check all night with the exception of 3 plays where we miscued and let them get loose. They had very good speed and great size in key places and were at the top of their game it seemed. We played overall very well, and pounded over 350 yards of offense against a very stubborn JH defense.

#11 David Whooooops Goliath  55-32  Off to Toombs for the Semi-Final Game. NGA over Terrell Lots of folks still asking "How did ya'll do that?" They were huge and good athletes to boot, and I understand that they loose no one to graduation. Look out for Terrell next year!




INJURY REPORT as of 11-01-2005

Our team has been hit with the most incredible rash of injuries I've ever been apart of. We have 5 or 6 starters are out for who knows how long every week and 2 players leaving the team unexpectedly. Now, on our best day we are about 60% from our start. Our great kids here, however, are not letting anything get in the way of pushing hard every week to climb back to the top. We are entering our first playoff game and are playing several 9th graders in spots just to fill for our injured but, The heart on Nat-Greene keeps on beating!

Going into the playoffs: We are now Playing 3 Freshmen


*Spring training went pretty well and it allowed us to evaluate some maturity issues, and some dedication issues, that we will have to take care of in order to be a competitive team. In order to be at the top, we must be at least as dedicated as the teams at the top. We have two months to find the real leaders of this team, and our success will be directly related to  how many dedicated players we have and what they will demand of their team mates. We are very short on seniors but if our leadership and dedication happens to be in the younger players,... lets just say, the most dedicated kids to the cause will be our starters regardless of size and past experience, win or loose. To the ones that have made winning a priority, "Great Job and keep up the good work."  Summer weight work outs will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 6:00pm and is mandatory.   LH




Nathanael Greene 6 - Piedmont 14

Nathanael Greene 36 - Monroe Academy 14

Nathanael Greene 38 - Curtis Baptist 6

Nathanael Greene 16 - Toombs 33. 

Nathanael Greene 28 - David Emanuel 15

Nathanael Greene 8 - Gatewood  14

Nathanael Greene 38 - Westminster 6 

Nathanael Greene 26 - Thomas Jefferson 28

Nathanael Greene 48 - Holy Spirit 7.

Nathanael Greene 27 - John Hancock 20

P L A Y - O F F S

Nathanael Greene 55 - Terrell Academy 32

Nathanael Greene 28 - Robert Toombs 34 (2-OT) 

6-4 Regular Season League Record 7-5 OVERALL and State SEMI-FINALISTS


Read the 2004 Season Summary about mid page of the "About the Coach" page of the site.



   I will feature several players on this page, as the days go on, that show exemplary character and work ethics. As a coach, I feel that you only create good players through the good character and disciplines you instill in them. Football is a vehicle in which tremendous character can be built. Seeing young men get the life long goodies from coaching them up, are nice perks I get from coaching this great game. LH



#24 Jimmy Easley has officially recovered from the broken arm. In the clichι "We'll take what they'll give us", Jimmy Easley passed for 180 of the 192 yards of passing we accumulated Friday for a years high. Jimmy made great play after great play against the top rated Thomas Jefferson and I deem him fully recovered. Great job Jimmy.   #7 John Duvall is one heck of an athlete. We use John in many roles and again Friday night asked him to step up and he did. John Duvall was on the receiving end of Easley's passes for 49 total yards and a Touchdown along with 44 yards on Kickoff returns.  #16 Matthew Wheeler played another good game on both sides of the ball. He was key on an important drive with 2 great catches. Wheeler had 36 yards receiving and played tough defensive end all night. Matthew is one of the smartest players on the team for sure, and really understands the game, the game plans, and the schemes, as well as any player I've coached. Keep pushing Matt, Great job.


 34 Jack Jarrard is growing as a football player every week. He has moved to starting Corner and playing hard and smart. Jack is a sophomore and we are counting on him now, and in the future to be a big factor for us. #45 James Mann is our senior middle Linebacker with crushing hit capacity. He unloaded on several folks Friday at Holy Spirit Prep. We are counting on James to play huge in our playoff run. #44 now and not 52 Chris Eddy is playing big time Fullback for us now and has become a really good runner and power blocker for us. Chris has played great at fullback since the day we tried him there and it looks like home to him for a while. Chris had 148+ yards of offense against Holy Spirit. #10 Dustin Bashore has been dragging a pulled growing around all year long and refuses to stop working hard. He has been plagued with the nagging injury since preseason and if you know about pulls like that, they just don't seem to go away without lengthy rest. However, we haven't been able to afford to rest him for he has been one of our staples at Corner and one of our better cover guys this year. Friday, Dustin fought through the pain and rushed for 115 yards on 11 carries. His injury really cuts into his speed or he would have probably had better than 200 yards in the game. We appreciate Dustin's hard work under these difficult circumstances. Dustin is another fine sophomore we rely on.

          HANCOCK GAME 

#24 Jimmy Easley has come back from his broken arm in great fashion. After a tremendous showing in the TJ game, he leads NGA to a must win over Hancock with a fantastic performance, not only was he 2 for 3 passing for 86 yards and 2 TD's but was big on blocking for the wingbacks and spotted on defense as well.     #7 John Duvall has become our teams energy. His big play ability on both sides of the ball and his non-stop game makes him one of our most valuable assets. He caught a 70+ yard pass for a TD Friday and had 3 huge QB sacks on defense, while making play after play. #14 Hank Carlton is our workhorse that has tremendous fight in his play. He racked up some nice yardage and I can assure you, they were all very hard earned. We would hate to have to play a game without him. We will be counting on Hank to step up, in his leadership role, as we enter the playoffs.  #12 Win Corry  I just love watching this kid play. 135 pounds of badger type fight in built into his psyche as he makes plays, whips people 3 times his size with smarts and is just a fireplug of inspiration and leadership for us. He has started for us two years now and as a senior in his last couple of games, he has yet to come out of a game for reasons of tiredness or injury, oh unless you count the concussion in last years Gatewood blowout game when I was happy to hear, he knew who I was. He didn't recollect much else. A great performance by Win Friday as he gave Hancock fits in the middle. #54 Daniel Dowdy  as I've said many times, loves this game like no one else and plays that way. He is one we hate to ever take out of a game and when we do, he is rushing to get back in. He is our staple on the offensive and defensive line and has been all year. #20 Gray "Puddin" Holcomb  probably played his best game at linebacker Friday as he made bone crushing tackles time and time again. Gray is an all out player that brings it every play and takes nothing home so to speak. If Gray Holcomb is not the best Center in our league, I'd like to see who is, for I wouldn't trade Puddin for anyone. He is probably our quickest lineman period.   






I have been sadly informed that Forrest Pettay, a 2 way player for us has left  our team and our school . Forrest is a great young man with a great smile and personality, and on behalf of the Nat-Greene football family and myself, we wish you the very best and just know, We appreciate your service here, and You will be greatly missed.  Please visit when you can!   LH

LOOK for future feature players showing extremely good character and leadership qualities for future recognition.  LH   


Click to enlarge        If you want to know. "What's with the Beatle Haircuts? I couldn't tell ya!  It has to have something to do with girls, ya think???? 







(January 2005) THE SKINNY on us this year is that we will be building from the bottom. Our largest group this year is the Freshmen. We have a good group of freshmen, almost half the team, and some will definitely have to contribute. We will be missing 9 starting seniors from last years team and will only have 3 seniors this year. Simple common sense tell you that you cant loose 3/4 of your starting team on both sides of the ball and expect not to be affected by it. I will be looking for the young men that want to lead this team and step up for the leadership roles. I don't mean lead in lip service, but by on the practice field example. We will need our juniors to play like seniors and sophomores like juniors. We simply can't except anything but quality and intense attitudes from the first day if we expect to compete. We have some young talent and we definitely must bring it to the surface very quickly if we are to experience the joys of winning this year. This season's result will begin now, today,  with the team individual weight training and running, along with their desire to get themselves ready to win. I, as the coach can only encourage the players to work hard but can't force it, also the kids desire to win will be seen immediately with the urgency they show in this off season starting now! Coach Harrison is challenging every player to push themselves beyond their comfort zone, and posture themselves, for a successful season, who's heights will be directly determined by their working habits. LH


We are looking for these special young men to take giant steps and make big contributions in our quest for a title this year. They are as follows:  Seniors: Hank Carlton, Win Corry, Matthew Wheeler, James Mann.  Juniors: Chris Eddy, Jimmy Easley,  Zeb Duvall, Daniel Dowdy, Gray Holcomb (Puddin), Forrest Pettay, John Duvall.  Sophomores: Kasey Coile, Chaz Lawson,  Dustin Bashore, Jordan Foster, Casey Dove, Daniel Moore, Stephen McCommons, and Jack Jarrard.  Freshmen: Conrad Richards, Chance Rhodes, Jon Moon, Trey Durham, Daniel Durham, Ben Harrison, Patrick Nix, Kanhaiya Patel, and Clayton Hardman


 PHOTOS of the 2005 Patriots COMING SOON !

     2005 Natanael Greene

          R O S T E R

     2 Casey Dove Soph. RB, QB-DB 5’6” 135
    3 Conrad Richards Fr. C-G 5’6” 145
    6 Chance Rhodes Soph. RB 5’9" 120
    7 John Duvall Jr. FB - DE 5’11” 165
  10 Dustin Bashore Soph. RB-QB 5’7” 140
  12 Win Corry Sr. G-DT 5’7” 135
  13 Trey Durham RB-G 5’6” 125
  14 Hank Carlton Sr. RB-QB-LB 5’11” 160
  15 Daniel Durham TE, DT 5’7” 150
  16 Matthew Wheeler Sr. TE-DE 6’2” 210
  18 Patrick Nix Fresh RB - DB 5’8’ 135
  17 Curtis Crumbley Fresh. QB - DB 5’1” 110
  20 Gray Holcomb Jr. C-LB 5’8” 165
  21 Zeb Duvall Jr. RB-LB 5’7” 140
  22 Hunter Bickers Fresh. FB-G 5’8” 130
  23 Kanhaiya Patel Fresh. FB 5’8” 140
  24 Jimmy Easley Jr. QB-FS 5’11” 155
  25 Daniel Moore Soph. TE, DE 5’9” 125
  34 Jack Jarrard Soph. TE - DE 6’ 145
  41 Jon Moon Fresh. TE - DE 5’8” 135
  45 James Mann Sr. LB - OG 6’1” 220
  50 Jordan Foster Soph. OT - DT 5'8" 165
  52 Chris Eddy Jr. G-DT 5’10” 165
  54 Daniel Dowdy Jr. T-DT 5’11” 210
  58 Clayton Hardman Fresh. G-T 5’7” 135
  72 Jared Chamlee Soph. T 5’8” 190
  75 Kasey Coile Soph T 5’8” 175
  99 Chaz Lawson Soph. T-DT 5’8’ 205


  Kim King on the right of Coach Harrison in this picture is a life long friend and has been involved with young people for years either through church or youth leagues. He comes to Nat-Greene simply with a huge love for kids and high school football and has offered himself as our team chaplain. Coach Harrison and Kim go way back to childhood and after attending separate high schools, reunited in the 80's, as Kim King hired Coach Harrison to coach a 140 pound 14 year old ,traveling team at Redan. Kim at the time was president of the Redan Youth Association and was in real need of a coach for their largest team. Harrison and King has kept in close touch ever since then, and have enjoyed each others friendship and support over the years. Coach Harrison said, " I have never known anyone that walks the walk in such devotion to his beliefs as Kim." " He knows the Bible and can recite verse after verse, but doesn't, and has had many life trials of his own, but he never tips at that, but lives his life in his tremendous faith, every day to the fullest, and is an inspiration to all that know him."(Author of the Two Minute Warning on this site)




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