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LOOKING FOR LEADERS ( A profile feature)

In getting ready to approach a new season having lost 9 of 11 starters on both sides of the ball, I immediately look for a player, or players,  to step up and take responsibility, in the future season. This year we have several young men postured to do just that! Jimmy Easley will have to be one that shoulders a lot of leadership weight, and on-field execution this year if we are to maintain any kind of playoff opportunity. Jimmy was very instrumental in our great 2004 season as he was surrounded by a great group of seniors, but now, He will have to step up big-time as our junior Quarterback to make us go. Jimmy is a natural athlete and playmaker that caught my eye early, as the new coach of NGA last year, and I new our present and future would have him deeply in the mix. Jimmy Easley matured a lot in the 2004 season, bearing a lot of the pressures a QB has to, as we went to the final game. I have a tremendous amount of confidence that Easley's leadership and on-field play, will enhance the players around him, as well as the young ones coming up. Jimmy Easley is our feature leader of the month!  Look for future profiles in weeks to come.


Speaking of leaders, here are two quiet type leaders who lead by example on the field. Very much a part of our 2004 season, these two horses must go strong if the patriots are to be successful. Hank Carlton, a senior, will be an anchor on both sides of the ball, and all the players will be looking to him for a lot of leadership. Hank is one of our most valuable players in that he can play nearly every position on the field and play it very well. We will see Hank mostly at Linebacker on defense and TE and FB on offense, but don't be surprised by Hank playing anywhere including QB. We are really counting on this great athlete. Zeb Duvall will be another horse we ride this year. Playing as a junior, Zeb will be toting the ball, catching the ball, and tackling the ball this year from his running back, and defensive back position. Zeb is a game player who doesn't know the word quit. Zeb is a player that you can count on to do things right and never put himself before his job. Zeb's character is as strong as his talent and that, I can tell you is huge. He will be another player we will have to keep on the field and will be relied on heavily! Hank Carlton and Zeb Duvall are two very good reasons why Nat-Greene can be competitive in 2005.


#12 Above, is the hardest working man at NGA, and that is saying a lot. You may ask, "How can a guy 5'7" and a whopping 135 lbs. play on a regular basis much less start?" My answer is: The same way he did last year as a junior, By being the hardest working most vicious and toughest player pound for pound anywhere. Did I mention smart? He is a senior this year and a leader by example and with his tenacity and great attitude for getting better, He will be a hard man to take out of any game. With only 4 seniors, We will be looking for Win Corry to be a huge presence on the field at all times. Gosh! I love kids like this! LH


James Mann #45 and Kasey Coile #75 are setting quite a standard in the work ethic department. These two were never less than a hour early for 100% of all our summer workouts and worked the entire time far beyond what was mandatory. These guys push to get better and better every day and are inspirational to the rest of the team. They have indirectly pushed the whole team to take weightlifting seriously and to work every day. Now on the field, they take the same attitude into every aspect of practice. These two guys will definitely be huge forces in the success we have. Great job guys, I'm very proud of you!  Coach H.


Daniel Dowdy #54 has been a starter at NGA since he began the 10th grade last year. He is our rock on the offensive front and was highly responsible for the huge holes we opened up last year, in the defenses. We are really counting on Daniel this year as well, and we know one thing for sure... No one loves the game more !!!  #20 Gray "Puddin" Holcomb is just chomping at the bit and is ready to play. Gray is another leader for us starting at Center and Linebacker, and filling at fullback. Gray started for us last year also as a sophomore and is a sparkplug for our team and philosophy. We are counting on these two men in a huge way!  LH

Casey Dove is our multi-talented Sophomore that comes to play every day. As a fill in QB for the was injured Jimmy Easley. Casey performed incredibly running the offense and passing like a seasoned veteran with 10 of 12 for 181 yards in 2 games. With the return of Easley this week 9-8-05, Casey can return to wingback and Corner and we'll know we have a great back-up QB if needed. Keep working hard Casey!   The second day of Casey's return, he broke his collar bone in pass coverage as he must have fallen on it just wrong, I imagine he'll miss the balance of the season. I can speak for all of the players and say, You'll be greatly missed!  LH

  This is Hunter Bickers. Hunter Bickers is a football player. If you know what a football player is, then you know what Hunter Bickers is. Hunter is a ninth grader that enjoys and excels while playing with the big guys... So we are going to let him.   LH

 WHO IS THIS MAN???  This is Jared Chamlee and he has never played football before this year. He will be going into the 10th grade at 5'9" and 195 lbs, and is strong like the bull. Jared knew very little about football but wanted to come out and anyone knows, football on the high school level these days, isn't something you jump into cold. Jared has shown a great attitude and a willingness to do what it takes to become a good player and boy am I proud of his progress. Jared Chamlee will be a very fine football player one day in the near future, but meanwhile, he will continue to learn the game and do what he can to make us better, and it won't be long before we are counting on Jared big time. This is just one example of the great kids we have here at Nat-Greene, and this makes coaching so rewarding!


A BEAUTIFUL SETTING FOR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL...     Nathanael Greene Academy, Home of the Patriots!                 



Snap of the Nathanael Greene Campus


My special thanks to Ricky Easley "Esquire" for his extraordinary efforts in helping me get all I need, to get everything going as efficiently as possible and also to Jim Prance for his strong support for the football program.

My thanks also to all football parents and our board members for their consistent support and willingness to do whatever it takes. I will need lots of your help to keep the ball rolling in a winning way and with your help, I hope to make this a great football experience for all, and a season we can be proud of.  Coach H