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             ***Nathanael Greene Academy  2006 Football Schedule






  Sept.1    Piedmont    34    28    7:30   Home
  Sept. 8   John Hancock    42    22    7:30   Away *
 Sept. 15   Flint River    22    47    7:30   Home *
 Sept. 22   Griffin Christian    48     6    7:30   Away *
 Sept. 29   Heritage (Newnan)    48     0    7:30   Home
 Oct. 6  Gatewood    12    14    7:30   Away
 Oct. 13   Thomas Jefferson    12    37    7:30   Home *
 Oct. 20   David Emanuel    48    14    7:30   Home *
 Oct. 27   Curtis Baptist    36     0    7:30   Away *
 Nov. 3   Heirway    60     0    7:30   Home
 Nov. 10   Dawson Street    56    36    7:30   Away *
 Nov. 17   Fullington    58    24    7:30   Away
 Nov. 24   Flint River     6    42    7:30   Away
      Total Points   486   270    
 *** TOTAL OFFENSE = 5,120 Yards    486 points
 * Region Games     9 Wins=Gold    4 Losses=Blue











  The 2006 football season has now ended with a great group of seniors winding up their football careers with great stories and accomplishments for a lifetime. We finished 9-4 and a Semi-finalist once again which in 3 years, these seniors finished as a Region Champion / State Runner up, and 2 time Semi-Finalist. These four accomplishments are a first in the schools 38 year old history. We set offensive records here that may never be broken here with 14,904 yards of offense over 3 years. To you seniors, you can take with you the fact that you were a huge piece of the 3 greatest teams in NGA history to date. What a great career, what a great season, and what a great group of young men that graced the halls of Nathanael Greene Academy.  
                 2006 SEMI-FINALIST   

         ***2004  STATE RUNNER-UP (Region Champions)

                     ***2005  STATE SEMI-FINALIST

                     ***2006  STATE SEMI-FINALIST


                 NGA 3 year Offensive Output:  

   2004   506 points   5,006 yards State Runner Up

   2005   354 points   4,778 yards State Semi-Finalist

   2006   486 points   5,120 yards State Semi-Finalist

 3 YEAR TOTAL     1,346 points  14,904 yards


     3 YEAR AVERAGE: 408.8 Yards per game!!!!  

   3 YEAR AVERAGE: 36.3 Points per game!!!!




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  NGA has a non-enviable task of going to Pinehurst to play a very good Fullington team. Fullington is another team that just this year moved to "A" from "AA" where they were very successful even at that level. They have all the ingredients of a state champion with their speed, size, and athletic ability. They throw the ball as well or better than anyone in the GISA and are so dangerous in the spread offense they run because they have a tremendous runner and passer in the QB as well as probably the best running back in class "A". They run everything under the sun from a great speed option, counter keeps, reverses, reverse passes, to just plain power, and then can throw it all over the field. A coaching nightmare really!  Needless to say, we will have to play our very best game to contend. 7:30 kickoff.

Results....WE GOT 'EM...NGA 58 - Fullington 24.  It's great to have an offense that can keep on scoring and moving the ball and keeping it away from our opponents talented offense. Wow, What a shoot out!

Nat-Greene 58 ,   Fullington 24   Big Win for the Patriots and NOW advance to the Semi-Final Game !!!











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        21  RB-DB  Zeb Duvall                  24  QB-DE Jimmy Easley              44   FB LB  Chris Eddy


       7  TE-DE   John Duvall                   42  G-LB  Hunter Bickers              18  RB-DB  Casey Dove


  20  C-LB   Gray "Puddin" Holcomb       54  T-DT  Daniel Dowdy               25  TE-DE  Daniel Moore


  15  G-T-DT  Daniel "Bull" Durham      72  T-DT  Jarred Chamlee         10  RB-DB  Dustin (Sanchez) Bashore


    6   RB-DB  Chance Rhodes            17  QB-DB  Curtis Crumbley           50   T-DT  Jordan Foster


      23   G-DT  Kanhaiya Patel              58  G-DT  Clayton Hardman           66  C-DT  Conrad Richards 


       41   G-DT  John Moon                    3  RB-DB  Russell Turner               33  TE-DE  Hunter Pignato 

 48  G-DT  Alex Cheves    13  G-DT   Trey Durham    75  T-DT   Jordan McGee   


                                                Coach Larry Harrison





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2006 Will be much tougher than the past two years, in that we will be playing 7 Region Games and our region is loaded, with teams like Thomas Jefferson State Champions (loosing No One), DEA vastly improved, Flint River (Class "AA" UNDEFEATED Champions last year---What's up with them coming to "A" anyway???), YES you heard right! ,,,2 state champions from last year, the "A" Champions and the "AA" Champions will be in our region... "I guess we're just lucky."

Curtis returning most, Heritage In Newnan (coached by a friend of mine, and you can bet they will be ready), Dawson Street, hmmmm!, I hope they've graduated a few,  and we all know Hancock !

We always enter a season optimistic and this year is no exception. As far as kids knowing what to do and playing the game, we have 6 starters that have worked our system going into their 3rd year with Coach Harrison.  "Our real issue is staying healthy with such a large number of tough games week after week, and with such little size and depth. "I love this group of boys and have bonded so deeply in 3 years that it makes it difficult to see the seasons end only 5 months away." I can say to parents and all affiliated with NGA,  that this group and myself will be fighting with all we have, to make our collective dream come true."   Coach H 




2006 Nat-Greene ROSTER 

  3 Russell Turner   FR   RB DB    5'5"  130

  4 Cavin Collins  FR   QB-DB   5'10"  135

  6 Chance Rhodes   SR   RB DB    510" 130

  7 John Duvall   SR   FB- DE    511 165

10 Dustin Bashore   JR   RB-QB   59 145

13 Trey Durham   SO   RB-G   510 140

15 Daniel "BULL" Durham   SO   T - DT   58 165

17 Curtis Crumbley   SO     QB - DB    56 130

18 Casey Dove   JR.   RB QB-DB   57 140

20 Gray Holcomb   SR   C-LB   58 165

21 Zeb Duvall   SR    RB-LB   58 150

23 Kanhaiya Patel   SO  G-DT-LB   58 165

24 Jimmy Easley   SR  QB-DE   511 160

25 Daniel Moore   JR   TE, DE   59 140

33  Hunter Pignato    FR   TE  FB     58 145

41 Jon Moon   SO   TE - DE   58 140

42  Hunter Bickers   SO   FB-LB  59 165

44 Chris Eddy   SR   G-DT  510 165

48 Alex Cheves   FR   5'10"   150

50 Jordan Foster  JR    OT - DT    5'9" 170

54 Daniel Dowdy   SR   T-DT    511 215

58 Clayton Hardman  SO   G-T   58 150

66 Conrad Richards   SO   C-G   58 165

72 Jared Chamlee   JR    T   58 185

75  Jordan McGee   FR  T   6'1  240













 1- Nathanael Greene 34 - Piedmont 28

 2- Nathanael Greene 42- John Hancock 22

 3- Nathanael Greene 22 - Flint River 47

  4- Nathanael Greene 48 - Griffin Christian 6 

 5- Nathanael Greene 48 - Heritage (Newnan) 0

 6- Nathanael Greene 12 - Gatewood  14

 7- Nathanael Greene 12 - Thomas Jefferson 37 

 8- Nathanael Greene 48 - David Emanuel 14

 9- Nathanael Greene 36 - Curtis Baptist 0

10- Nathanael Greene 60 - Heirway 0

11- Nathanael Greene 56 - Dawson Street 36

12- Nathanael Greene 58 - Fullington  24

13- Nathanael Greene  6 - Flint River  42


  Kim King on the right of Coach Harrison in this picture is a life long friend and has been involved with young people for years either through church or youth leagues. He comes to Nat-Greene simply with a huge love for kids and high school football and has offered himself as our team chaplain. Coach Harrison and Kim go way back to childhood and after attending separate high schools, reunited in the 80's, as Kim King hired Coach Harrison to coach a 140 pound 14 year old ,traveling team at Redan. Kim at the time was president of the Redan Youth Association and was in real need of a coach for their largest team. Harrison and King has kept in close touch ever since then, and have enjoyed each others friendship and support over the years. Coach Harrison said, " I have never known anyone that walks the walk in such devotion to his beliefs as Kim." " He knows the Bible and can recite verse after verse, but doesn't, and has had many life trials of his own, but he never tips at that, but lives his life in his tremendous faith, every day to the fullest, and is an inspiration to all that know him."(Author of the Two Minute Warning on this site)



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