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                                                         DID YOU KNOW in 2004 ?

  Coach Harrison's Double Wing Offense was the most productive offense in all  levels in the State of Georgia with over 5,000 yards in only 13 games! It's True!  




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                                     From top left:  Adam Taylor. Breaking out. Coach H and Jimmy. Coach Harrison & Kim King. Coach Moore. Mr. Prance. Coach H in the huddle. CHEERLEADERS. Ben Holcomb (Little Puddin'). Jimmy Easley - Gray Holcomb - Daniel Dowdy.  Trey Dunagan & Luke Askew (Pearl), #21 Zeb Duvall (our slashing sophomore running back). Needed rest for Jimmy Easley and Win Corry, Coach "H".  NGA Awaiting,  Cheers 4 times. The hardest working guys on campus gameday!. Pre-game wait. Ricky Easley. Mr. Taylor & Mr. Askew-expert cooks for the homecoming dinner. Coach Harrison leading troops. Homecoming under umbrellas. Homecoming Queen Jessie Marchman and Jamie Rhodes. Chad (Coach H's son) with the headsets. One unhappy camper. Our Great Girls!!!. Rest for hard work. Our Senior Leaders. Mr. Prance sporting the "HELMET" from our victory over John Hancock - "If the hat fits, wear it!". Our offense warming up.  Our great looking field brought to us by Ricky Easley and hard working Parents. Coach Harrison praises team after big win over Westwood.  A gracious Charlie Greene and Westwood Coaching Staff.  The Harrison's representing.  Kim King (Not to Worry). Good luck from wife. Team on ready. Girls posing. Bad year to start this ritual-pushups per points scored. Zeke Streaks. Trey's loose again. Hank solo tackle. Swarming "D". Jimmy Easley Rolls. Stingy Defense.

  Note to my champion players:
It will be a while till the lessons we are to learn from such a disappointing final game come clear but, it
will come clear one day. In a situation where hopes were so high, a community so charged, a school with
such joyful expectation, you were so ready and confident and prepared. The thought of actually having to deal
with a loss was just not in our minds at all. When someone would mention that, “even if we lose,” You guys
would stop them and say “It ain’t gonna happen!”
You all played with the heart that you always played with, and played every play like it was your last, and you
just can’t be anything but disappointed when you do that and still come up short. I can’t even say “lose”
because we whipped the britches off Toombs pretty much all night with exception of a couple of plays, a missed
opportunity or two, and a couple of turnovers, which usually does get you beat. We needed to be near perfect
that night and we weren’t.
We were new to this winning thing and you guys played so huge all year that we won many games when
we weren’t perfect. I want to thank all of you players for your dedication, the total effort, and the pride you took
in all we were trying to do, while making a coach glow with pride for being a part of you. In life, you are the kind
of people I love to be around and no matter where you go and what you end up doing, I will always be proud
to be a tiny part of your life and look forward to seeing you when our paths meet. Good luck to all of our
seniors who displayed the kind of leadership and character, that is very rare, and we will miss you greatly.
I hope you keep coming around to watch later what you got started here.
As for our returnees, I look forward to see what you will do with what we’ve created, and look for the new
leaders to rise, for we have some great times to have ahead, and some unfinished business to tend to.
Know what I mean?


We are now REGION CHAMPS & 2004 STATE RUNNER-UP overall (11-2). This was a tremendous accomplishment by a group of young men determined the change the course of their schools history. These football players were focused on one thing and that was the state title from the first day of practice. These unlikely individuals with slight physical stature with very few football successes to build on, had hearts so big that their small bodies could barely contain them. When coaches across the country are talking about players with heart or playing with heart, they need to visit the campus of Nathanael Greene Academy in Siloam Georgia to meet the kids I coached this year. Though we have the whole season on film, it could never capture the tremendous character that this group had and the absolute David and Goliath size differentials that they faced each and every week. The heart of these players proved to be larger than is logically believable and I'm sure other coaches are baffled in how this team did it. Well, I'm not telling any of my secrets if there are any, but you would have to go inside the heart and character of: Trey Dunagan, Luke Askew, Adam Taylor, Zeke Robinson, Jamie Rhodes, Conrad Easley, Wayne Lindsey, Craig Stuart, Zeb Duvall, Jimmy Easley, Gray Holcomb, Daniel Dowdy, Matthew Wheeler, Hank Carlton, Win Corry, and Chris Eddy, to find out. For the seniors, Nathanael Greene will miss you deeply and I will miss and remember you forever, for you have left an example of great leadership and some awfully big shoes to fill.

 Please come support the Home Team Friday and let this group of hard workers know that you appreciate their commitment to being the best they can be!


My special thanks to Ricky Easley "Esquire" for his extraordinary efforts in helping me get all I need, to get everything going as efficiently as possible and also to Jim Prance for his strong support for the football program.

My thanks also to all football parents and our board members for their consistent support and willingness to do whatever it takes. I will need lots of your help to keep the ball rolling in a winning way and with your help,  I hope to make this a great football experience for all, and a season we can be proud of.  Coach H

2004 * We won our season opener over AA Piedmont. Nat Greene 32 Piedmont 0

* We won our second over AA Monroe Academy. Nat Greene 32 Monroe 12

* We won our third game over AA Curtis Baptist. Nat Greene 38  Curtis Baptist 0

* oooops! Nat Greene 18  Toombs  26

* We won our first region game... Nat Greene 46  David Emanuel  0

* We won over another "AA" team Nat-Greene  48   Gatewood  6

* We won another region game... Nat Greene 42  Westminster 6

* We won a huge one... Nat Greene 30  Thomas Jefferson 14

* We won another region game... Nat Greene 52  Holy Spirit  0

* We won our final region game... Nat Greene 52  John Hancock 13

* We won our first Playoff game... Nat Greene 66  Randolf Southern 6

* We won our SEMI-FINAL game... Nat Greene 42  Westwood 28

* We lost the STATE FINAL... Nat Greene 08  Toombs 16  



   2004 STATE RUNNER-UP (11-2)


Vocabulary word:  gription (grip-shun)  I have learned quite a bit about the country life while coaching here at NGA, and one of the most colorful things I've noticed is the solid  hard working American people and some new language I had not heard before. But I'm very willing to learn. The latest word I had to learn was in a scrimmage game when Hank Carlton came off the field and said, "COACH, I can't get any gription out there". After picking myself up, after a hilarious romp, I had to insist that he not do that to me in a tough football game. Gription: A word meaning the contact of one surface to the other, such as shoes meeting the ground. Traction or friction. Make a note for that is one for the books. I know there is a lot to learn, and I'll be keeping my ears open for more insight into the language I am supposed to know. LH     "This is now an excepted part of the language at NGA."


Our School features an unmistakable historic building that adds traditional value to our campus. We also have a museum on campus featuring thousands of artifacts, historic articles, and collections from Greene County GA.